Freefall 2721

Raibert writes his report in the park

We want citizens. When these robots get pushed out of their current job spaces, we don't want to simply warehouse them.
We'll buy automated equipment from factories two and three. Without it, we're not going to have enough robots to get this all done.
So because we're going to have millions of unexpected workers, we have a labor shortage.
It's the difference between having people who consume resources and people you break apart for resources.

Color by George Peterson

There is a shortage of jobs, the labor force is just more than enough.
Workers are expected in the distant future, and a shortage of workers in the near future. That's how I see the phrase. But yes, “labor shortage” can be translated both as “shortage of jobs” and “shortage of workers. (plBots)
You are absolutely right. I didn't realize right away that I was being sarcastic.

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