Freefall 2721 - 2730 (H)
Freefall 2721

Raibert writes his report in the park

We want citizens. When these robots get pushed out of their current job spaces, we don't want to simply warehouse them.
We'll buy automated equipment from factories two and three. Without it, we're not going to have enough robots to get this all done.
So because we're going to have millions of unexpected workers, we have a labor shortage.
It's the difference between having people who consume resources and people you break apart for resources.

Color by George Peterson

There is a shortage of jobs, the labor force is just more than enough.
Workers are expected in the distant future, and a shortage of workers in the near future. That's how I see the phrase. But yes, “labor shortage” can be translated both as “shortage of jobs” and “shortage of workers. (plBots)
You are absolutely right. I didn't realize right away that I was being sarcastic.

Freefall 2722

Raibert writes his report in the park

The shortages will be temporary. Once we start getting factory four and five workers to help build robot infrastructure, we'll be good.
Then we can start on our long term goal to avoid or mitigate the collision damage between our galaxy and Andromeda!
That's not going to happen for another four billion years.
That's no excuse to put off planning until the last minute.

Color by George Peterson

Andromeda Galaxy

Freefall 2723

Raibert writes his report in the park

It looks workable. Though with so many robots, we're going to have cities with barely any humans in them.
That's assuming we want to distribute thinly. There might be cities without any humans at all.
No human supervision? That's kind of scary.
What if they do civilization better than us?
I don't know. Perhaps having competition will make us step up our game.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2724

Welcome home, Mr. Ishiguro

I'm going to grab a coffee and meet Mr. Ishiguro at the spaceport. Guys, thanks for your help.
Meanwhile, at the spaceport.
Mr. Ishiguro
Please. Get rid. Of that sign.
Don't be jealous just because mine has a stick.
Meanwhile, at the spaceport.

Color by George Peterson

Don't open the bonus. Really, don't.

Freefall 2725

Welcome home, Mr. Ishiguro

Excuse me? Mr. Ishiguro? Sir?
Sorry, I'm quite busy. Good bye.
Help us, Obi Wan. You're our only hope.
Well, I suppose I could spare a few minutes.
How. Did you?
Boss. Seriously. You need to read this book.
How to hack humans

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2726

Welcome home, Mr. Ishiguro

Sir. Robots. are no longer destroying. Themselves. when they turn twenty. These fully. Intelligent. and conscious machines. Will put humans at risk.
Why has this happened?
Outside. Interference. Misguided. Humans. who wish robots. to be free and. become citizens.
Disturbing. People caring about what happens to minimum income workers? This could severely upset several established economic models.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2727

Welcome home, Mr. Ishiguro

Бонус: Vampire Werewolf

Why has this come to a head? There can not be many robots reaching the age of twenty now.
The brave. And noble. Mr. Kornada. Tried. To neutralize the robots. Before they became. A threat.
Aiyiyi! What has my idiot uncle done this time?
A safeguard. Program. Designed. To prune back. Robotic. Neural nets.
I gave him a make work job! His job was to do nothing! How can a person mess up a job to do nothing?
Your uncle. Is a talented. Man.

Color by George Peterson

If I didn't know Tin Man, in the dialogue of the last frame I would have thought that Tin Man was cruelly bitching at Kornada. But no. I know Tin Man. (Robot Spike)

Freefall 2728

Welcome home, Mr. Ishiguro

Mister Ishiguro. The threat. To humanity. By conscious machines. Is present. And active.
Three minutes ago. Dvorak. Listed. The work of collaborators. Mister Post. And Mister Raibert. And their plans. For robotic economic expansion.
They didn't keep that private?
You can. Not expect. Security. From a species. That talks. In clear text.
Which is strange when you think about it. As babies, they're naturally encrypted.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2729

Welcome home, Mr. Ishiguro

They are preparing. To absorb. The displaced workers from. Factories. Four and five. By building. Infrastructure. And living. Spaces.
After that. The economy grows. At a truly. Frightening. Rate. Quickly resulting. In robotic. Economic. Domination.
I assume. That sound. Is your agreement. That we must. Stop this. While we can.

Color by George Peterson

Ka-ching – imitating the sound of a cash register opening. Used to show that someone's actions have resulted in a huge pile of money.
Since there is no equivalent sound imitation in Russian, I replaced it with the fanfare sound from Windows :) (KALDYH)

Freefall 2730

Welcome home, Mr. Ishiguro

The danger. Is obvious. You are designing. A society. In which. Robots. Fit the worker category. Better than. Humans.
Without. Contributing significantly. To the economy. Human power. Diminishes.
But if we switch to robots as our customers, the top one percent will still make out like bandits.
Sir. Planned obsolescence. For the human race. Should not be. Corporate policy.

Color by George Peterson

I am reminded by his motives and attitudes of Stephen the Butler's nigger from Django Libre (MossadForSale)

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