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Freefall 2727

Welcome home, Mr. Ishiguro

Бонус: Vampire Werewolf

Why has this come to a head? There can not be many robots reaching the age of twenty now.
The brave. And noble. Mr. Kornada. Tried. To neutralize the robots. Before they became. A threat.
Aiyiyi! What has my idiot uncle done this time?
A safeguard. Program. Designed. To prune back. Robotic. Neural nets.
I gave him a make work job! His job was to do nothing! How can a person mess up a job to do nothing?
Your uncle. Is a talented. Man.

Color by George Peterson

If I didn't know Tin Man, in the dialogue of the last frame I would have thought that Tin Man was cruelly bitching at Kornada. But no. I know Tin Man. (Robot Spike)

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