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Freefall 2299

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

You are police for A.I.s, or are you A.I.s who are police?
We are robots who police other robots.
You chase robot criminals?
Yes. Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere, there is a crime happening.
This is not good. If automation puts our criminals out of work, what will they do for a living?

The policeman in the second panel quotes Robocop. Unfortunately, I don't know the canonical translation of this quote. (KALDYH)
And that's how they translate it, all right. “Excuse me.” -The robot said in a smooth, calm voice. -I have to go. There's a crime going on somewhere.“ Or rather -it's the only version I've ever encountered. Arthur Quarry's Robocop. Cool book. By the way, that's the answer he gave to the question, “Murphy, is that you?” (Durable)

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