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Freefall 2300

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

What a day. I have got to change our assembly line security. No one should be able to anonymously program new robots to start disassembling things once they reach their destination.
Mr. Raibert. Priority. Mr. Raibert. Priority.
Ah, Son of Hibachi! Now what?
All the things those robots disassembled, couldn't they have gotten the call center?

Just a reminder, Mr. Rybert is sick of answering the phone. It's Max Post calling him. He's holding the tablet Florence left in his office in the 2080s. And the anonymous interference -we have to assume he's talking about the sabotage of the power plant in the 2030s. (KALDYH)
Actually, the anonymous intervention is the intention of Cornada from Freefall 2175-the issue.

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