Freefall 2651 - 2660 (D)
Freefall 2651

Pizza, we have liftoff

I can't stay on the plane! If someone steals my stuff and I don't steal from them, I lose all credibility as a deterrent!
They didn't steal from you. The base was just a destination. I expect we'll find the thief is a robot who doesn't own anything.
Doesn't own anything? Not even himself?
Then I shall take his self respect!
He's working for Mr. Kornada.
Darn it! This guy is staying one step ahead of me!

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2652

Pizza, we have liftoff

Where's your robot friend?
He's in the back. It's not good for him to see how others fly.
Afraid he'll see what real flying is supposed to look like?
He's an impressionable young robot. He doesn't need troublemakers contradicting my fine example.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2653

Pizza, we have liftoff

Does my engineer have to go back to jail?
No. She has been compromised as evidence. As an A.I., you are responsible for her actions.
However, it would be safest for her to be in police custody.
Boring! Florence doesn't want safe! She was on that starship looking for excitement and opportunity!
How do you know that?
Because if she wanted a life of safety, she would have stayed at home.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2654

Pizza, we have liftoff

Last night, you and Ms. Ambrose stopped the “Gardener in the dark” program. It has generated a lot of attention.
Yes! The fame I deserve!
Including the circumstances on how Ms. Ambrose came to be here. Interesting, as her destination was supposed to be the Robert L. Forward F.T.L. research station.
When do you plan to tell her?
The offer of protective police custody… can I get in on that?

Color by George Peterson

Robert L. Forward (August 15, 1932 -September 21, 2002) is an American physicist and science fiction writer. His works have been noted for their scientific accuracy and their use of ideas developed during his time as an aerospace engineer.
I knew it– the dirt on Sam is long gone! Polymers aren't fucked up! (Robot Spike)

Freefall 2655

Going to meet the plane

You've been cleared to leave. Let's get you to the airstrip.
There's more to my base than Doctor Bowman. For this walk, my glasses will be both your blindfold and earmuffs.
That won't be enough. I can pick up a lot by scent.
When will I learn to stop volunteering information?
I want that sock back when we're done.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2656

Going to meet the plane

Picture screens. If anyone does peek past the blindfold, they'll have something to talk about.

Color by George Peterson

On the slides.:

  1. Roswell incident – «Alien Autopsy»
  2. Pacific Frontier – fur-herder
Freefall 2657

Going to meet the plane

I'm going to need the visor to operate the equipment.
That's Mr. Kornada's robot. Reassembled.
You didn't try to turn him on, did you? He may be carrying software weapons.
What? Why didn't you put a danger tag on him or something?
There was a woman with a gun shooting at me!
That's a poor excuse for not following safety procedures.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2658

Going to meet the plane

Here's the sequence. Plane lands. You take Clippy to the plane, bring the pizzas to me, then run back and get on the plane. You've got sixty seconds.
Why sixty seconds?
If that plane is on the ground and open, even for a minute, I have to fill out the huge and painful form 22759-B. Under sixty seconds, I don't have to fill it out.
So this is about paperwork?
Ms. Ambrose. If you ever move into administration, you're going to find if you don't use the loopholes, you never get done.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2659

Going to meet the plane

If you stay with us again, it will be more pleasant. We don't do well with unexpected guests. Secret base and all.
Will I be back?
That depends on Doctor Bowman. If he asks for you, we'll send an invite.
Will I have a choice on whether or not to accept?
Interesting point. I don't know if you have a “Lassie come home” function. To be safe, I'll write the invites.

Color by George Peterson

In the original -“Lassie, Come Home,” a reference to the movie Lassie Comes Home (Mityai)

Freefall 2660

Going to meet the plane

When the plane lands, they're going to keep the jets running at low speed. It will warm the area so instead of being minus forty degrees out there, it will only be minus ten.
Don't look at me like that. If you worked outside in this weather, you'd realize it's quite an improvement.

Color by George Peterson

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