Freefall 2654

Pizza, we have liftoff

Last night, you and Ms. Ambrose stopped the “Gardener in the dark” program. It has generated a lot of attention.
Yes! The fame I deserve!
Including the circumstances on how Ms. Ambrose came to be here. Interesting, as her destination was supposed to be the Robert L. Forward F.T.L. research station.
When do you plan to tell her?
The offer of protective police custody… can I get in on that?

Color by George Peterson

Robert L. Forward (August 15, 1932 -September 21, 2002) is an American physicist and science fiction writer. His works have been noted for their scientific accuracy and their use of ideas developed during his time as an aerospace engineer.
I knew it– the dirt on Sam is long gone! Polymers aren't fucked up! (Robot Spike)

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