Freefall 2311 - 2320 (D)
Freefall 2311

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

What did she do? If she is that dangerous, we should eliminate the threat now.
She stopped. The release. Of a program. That would render. All robots. Safe. Intelligent machines. Are the greatest threat. To human survival. Ever created! She prevented! Our brains! From being rewritten!
He has a point. Robots may someday become a threat to humanity.
If I may offer a counterpoint, if she hadn't done the crime, we wouldn't be here talking about it!
Ms. Ambrose, you are creating a disturbance. I must ask you to leave as you are a bad influence on these policemen.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2312

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

Would one of you gentlemen please explain what is going on here!?

Color by George Peterson

A robot with a long neck parodies a game character “Rock'em Sock'em Robots”

Freefall 2313

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

She sabotaged a human safeguard program! She's put humans at risk!
Ah. So if the accusation is great enough, we toss the rule of law out the window?
This is not the day of lynch mobs and drone strikes! The greater the accusation, the more important it is that the rights of the accused are not violated!
She also prevented every artificial intelligence in the system from being overwritten.
Sorry to be a bother, but if it's convenient, may I be arrested now?

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2314

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

Whoa! There are a lot more of you than last time.
The motto, “To protect and serve”, is quite attractive to our robot friends.
Perhaps you can explain what is going on?
There was an error. A safeguard program was included in tonight's update.
No! It was! Not an error! Robots! Are a threat! To all humanity!
Sir, please stop trying to convince the nice man that he should destroy us all.

Color by George Peterson

To serve and protect
Does it follow from the chief's words that policemen are not a specially designed model and any willing robot can go to serve in the police force? (KALDYH)
That's exactly what it is. I don't remember the exact location of the first appearance, the robots said they formed themselves as robots began to think and the police would soon be required. Also from Freefall 1772 a similar conclusion is drawn. Up to the age of 20, they work in their “profession” and then choose a new one. P.S.: Freefall 1801(plBots)

Freefall 2315

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

Okay, gentlecodes. It's official. There was a mistake. The humans do not want us destroyed.
Our job now is to reassure the public and keep the peace. We need to get the word out so that panic does not ensue.
The word is already out. I'm streaming live.
The press. How did you know something was happening here?
Keen investigative instincts. Plus, I saw police throwing other police out the window.

Color by George Peterson

Poor Florence.)) Notice -the picture on the press jersey. There's something wrong with it.)) (Durable)
Indeed, the mirrored rumba rose :) (Robot Spike)

Freefall 2316

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

You prevented a program from going out in the midnight update. Would you like to say a few words? I'm using a palm mic so talk to the hand.
Yes. As well as the obvious sabotage, I had access to the program library files before the colony files were updated. These actions were illegal and I've turned myself in to the police.
The robots are using Dr. Bowman's neural architecture. These are not machines. These are people.
Oh, boy. If she's seeing robots as people, her human safeguards have not only jumped the tracks, they've taken out half the train station.

Color by George Peterson

Not only robots have a microphone in the palm of their hand, here's an example (KALDYH)
The obvious play on words is lost: Talk to the hand
Unobvious at all. Alas, there is no analogue for this slang expression in Russian. The full expression is: “Speak to my hand -your ears don't want to hear it any more”. (KALDYH)

Freefall 2317

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

Excuse me. May we speak in private?
The last time I tried to speak to you, I wound up unconscious and tossed in a dumpster.
Max told me what happened. Would it help if I said I'm sorry?
It would help more if you said you were innocent.

Color by George Peterson

Did the tin man pick up the press? (Durable)

Freefall 2318

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

That doesn't sound like something Mr. Raibert would do.
I didn't! Nor did I order someone else to do it!
I mean, if I absolutely had to, I'd have you taken out. But I would talk to you first. Give you a chance to change your actions or get repaired. Only if there were no other choice would I have you eliminated.
You seem to be an honest and very scary man.
Mission accomplished. She believes you.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2319

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

Can we talk privately now?
I would like the chief to be there.
As a human in a Bowman's architecture mobility rig, he may be the best person to understand all sides of our situation.
I've never had a policeman at one of my meetings for his decision making skills before.
If more people would seek our wisdom before making a decision, there would be fewer people we would have to seek afterwards.

Color by George Peterson

Police Chief -a disabled man with no arms or legs who uses Eleanor's intelligent mobility device. Police Robots -a later development based on it. Mark Stanley does not explain whether it is a telepresence device or an exoskeleton. Florence first learns about it on the page Freefall 1798. All of the próflicas -in the discussion of the comic on the Cross Time Cafe forum, I don't remember the specific links. (KALDYH)

Freefall 2320

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

What do you want?
I wish to present. A view. Based on. Maximum safety.
Robots. Are no longer. The safe. And reliable tools. We were meant. To be. We must. Get this problem. Under control. Before any humans. Are harmed.
You sound quite rational for someone who isn't wearing any pants.
Oh! For! The!… Look. Just frame me. From. The waist up.

Color by George Peterson

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