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Freefall 2314

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

Whoa! There are a lot more of you than last time.
The motto, “To protect and serve”, is quite attractive to our robot friends.
Perhaps you can explain what is going on?
There was an error. A safeguard program was included in tonight's update.
No! It was! Not an error! Robots! Are a threat! To all humanity!
Sir, please stop trying to convince the nice man that he should destroy us all.

To serve and protect
Does it follow from the chief's words that policemen are not a specially designed model and any willing robot can go to serve in the police force? (KALDYH)
That's exactly what it is. I don't remember the exact location of the first appearance, the robots said they formed themselves as robots began to think and the police would soon be required. Also from Freefall 1772 a similar conclusion is drawn. Up to the age of 20, they work in their “profession” and then choose a new one. P.S.: Freefall 1801(plBots)

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