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Freefall 2316

What's it take to get arrested in this town?

You prevented a program from going out in the midnight update. Would you like to say a few words? I'm using a palm mic so talk to the hand.
Yes. As well as the obvious sabotage, I had access to the program library files before the colony files were updated. These actions were illegal and I've turned myself in to the police.
The robots are using Dr. Bowman's neural architecture. These are not machines. These are people.
Oh, boy. If she's seeing robots as people, her human safeguards have not only jumped the tracks, they've taken out half the train station.

Not only robots have a microphone in the palm of their hand, here's an example (KALDYH)
The obvious play on words is lost: Talk to the hand
Unobvious at all. Alas, there is no analogue for this slang expression in Russian. The full expression is: “Speak to my hand -your ears don't want to hear it any more”. (KALDYH)

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