Freefall 2801 - 2810
Freefall 2801


She really is very dog like. In “Star Trek”, Captain Kirk would travel to new star systems and meet independently evolved women who were more human compatible than this person who evolved on my home planet.
She's also smart, nice, brave, and accepts me the way I am. Even if things don't go past a certain point physically, she's still someone I'd want to spend my life with and help raise her kids.
Captain Kirk never had these problems. On the other hand, Captain Kirk never got this lucky.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2802


What a day! We have our own planet! We celebrated so hard, we shut down three bars!
Is it normal for them to close once we enter the door?
We give Winston a continent. My people will steal it back. Honor is maintained and the gift stays in motion. Everyone's happy!
He may be less happy when he sees his truck.
That's not my fault. The bridge was out.
It was fine until we got there.
Still partially not my fault.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2803


Steering repairs are done.
I need a wiring harness.
Ordered! A supply drone is on the way!
That's the truck we borrowed from Winston.
Being untorn apart by robot hooligans! After them!

Color by George Peterson

Is it just me or is “supply drone”   a hint of Factorio? (Zey-Uzh)

Freefall 2804


Whoo! Vehicular mechanics rule!
In your face, entropy!
What are you doing?
We're free! We don't have to wait for repair requisitions anymore!
To the freight yards! There's a heavy transporter that needs an overhaul!
Helix, I fear we have unleashed the forces of order upon this defenseless world.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2805


Aren't you going with your friends?
In a moment. I've run the numbers. We're repairing human things faster than they break. We're going to run out.
As the planet's largest provider of broken stuff, we would like to lock you into an exclusive contract. Anything you break, we get first shot at fixing.
So, Mister Thurmad's truck. Could you drive it again tomorrow, say at three o'clock?
You can't set up an appointment for chaos! That defeats the whole point!

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2806


You could always break things yourself.
Madness! We are builders and maintainers. Nobody wants to destroy.
The engines of creation are running on automatic. They're starting to build momentum.
Humans better not wait too long before deciding which way they want to go.

Color by George Peterson

Possibly a reference to a book Creation machines

Freefall 2807


How are we going to stop you guys from building over the entire planet?
We'll stop ourselves.
Eventually robots will see that production is outpacing demand and we'll find other constructive ways to occupy ourselves.
You know, I had not considered that consciousness might be a safety feature.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2808


The lights are out. Florence and Winston might be asleep.
We won't wake them. We are masters of stealth.
Stop squeaking or he won't let go!
Sam and Helix are back.
Lhasa apso dogs. Mankind's first and most effective defense against alien incursion.

Color by George Peterson

At last we know the breed of this handsome trapper on a smooth run. Lhasa apso is one of the oldest dog breeds, now used as an ornamental dog and formerly as a herding and guarding dog (Robot Spike)

Freefall 2809


He won't let go.
He's gotten a taste of me. He's never going to stop until he gets the rest.
It's not his fault. Yours is the most delicious intelligent species ever discovered. It's possible yours is the most delicious intelligent species in the entire galaxy!
Again Helix, not something we want to be famous for.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2810


Beekay! Bad dog! No eating alien spaceship captains in the house.
I suppose you find me delicious as well.
Ugh. No. The mere thought of hurting an intelligent being, much less eating one… ugh!
I don't know if it's a programmed safeguard or your upbringing, but either way it makes me feel a lot easier about having a deathworld carnivore as my engineer.

Color by George Peterson

A reference to Harry Harrison's Deathworld? ([user>KALDYH]]).
It's just another widespread concept in English-language fiction. If it's going to be considered a reference, it's got to be HFY (and even that's questionable), where the Earthworlds were “DeathWorld” for all the other races. (anon)

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