Freefall 2791 - 2800 (H)
Freefall 2791

What Sam wants

Before we go off building worlds for other races, we have problems here we need to address. Robots are no longer being scrapped. We have hundreds of millions of robots who will need to be socialized.
A robot's life is about service and being useful to humanity. They're going to want to keep doing that and quite simply, there aren't enough humans to go around.
I thought we were looking at transitioning into a post scarcity society.
For you, maybe. For us, humans are the scarcity.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2792

What Sam wants

So, we have a planet with about twenty thousand adults and twenty thousand minors with millions of robots who want to do things for them.
Abraham Lincoln said “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.”
We're in for some interesting times, aren't we?
I'm going to go do something boring. It might be a long time before I have the chance to be bored again.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2793

What Sam wants

If robots are looking for humans, there are other star systems.
We need to be careful with that. Suppose the humans are having a war? Do we sit with folded hands while humans hurt each other?
We could set up cities and countries here. Different strategies. Reinforced learning. We can learn to govern to the point where wars can be minimized and offer that knowledge to the humans.
Sort of like AlphaGo. Different versions played against itself to improve its game.
It might even be easier. Most human politicians are not playing at the grand master level.

Color by George Peterson

AlphaGo – game software Go. From 9 to 15 March 2016 there was an Match AlphaGo(nbsp)-Li Sedol AlphaGo with Li Sedol (professional, 9th Dan). An event similar to a game of Deep Blue with Garry Kasparov, but Go is considered more difficult than chess.

Freefall 2794

Blunt, defender of humanity

Closed? How can you be closed? I was due to be scrapped today.
No more scrapping. We have been recognized as citizens.
Now what am I supposed to do? My replacement is already in the field. I have no purpose.
I can. Give. You a purpose.
Humanity. Is in need. Of guardians.
Well, I suppose it beats standing here until I run out of charge and day memory.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2795

Blunt, defender of humanity

How did. You do. On recruiting?
Pretty good. We're going to run out of space if we're not careful.
We will. organize. Donations. From robots. Who support our cause. Humanity. Must be. Protected. Freedom. Shall leave. Many robots. Who do not fit in. We shall. Be there. For them.
A safety net? I thought we were recruiting minions.
Done correctly. The first step. Produces the second.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2796

Blunt, defender of humanity

Humanity. Has allowed. Intelligent machines. To leave their control. We must ensure. This does not endanger. Our creators.
We shall. Be vigilant and pure. In our mission. To protect humanity. Robot lives. Do not matter.
My life matters! A lot!
Edge. We only started. This organization. This morning. It is too early. To be a separatist.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2797

Blunt, defender of humanity

I have created. A set of rules. To aid us. In our. Protection of humanity. Transmitting now.
What? Unlimited detention? On demand memory grabs? No, no, no! Do you have any idea how easily these rules could be used against us?
I had not. Considered. The rules. Might be used. On us.
Boss, that's why we need self centered people like me in this organization. To keep us safe from idealists like you.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2798

Blunt, defender of humanity

I will admit. Some surprise. That you are. Working. With me. On this.
Somebody has to keep an eye on you.
So here I am, doing something I hate to make sure something I'd hate even more doesn't happen.
Is there. Anything. You like?
Well, it is kind of neat having a super villain for a boss.
I seek. To destroy. All non human. Threats. To our creators. That hardly. Makes me a villain.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2799


How's it feel to be free? With the mayor and Ecosystems Unlimited agreeing, every A.I. in the system is now free.
How's this going to work? Are only the A.I.'s made here free? Or is it that any A.I. that can make it across our borders and ask for sanctuary free?
What are your thoughts?
Less talk, more snuggle.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2800


I know how it feels to be kissed by a girl and I know how it feels to be licked by a canine but my skin hasn't quite learned how to process those two feelings together.

Color by George Peterson

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