Freefall 2601 - 2610 (H)
Freefall 2601

Wake up, we found her

The police intend to set a gold standard of behavior. No matter what the accusation, the arrested will be treated humanely and fairly.
The robots are maturing. They are watching us and learning from us. We must set a good example.
And who knows? Perhaps we'll get so used to it, we'll act properly even when no one is watching.
Now let's not get crazy.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2602

Wake up, we found her

Most of our robots are maturing unsupervised. While the laws are available on Commnet, there is a huge difference between reading and application.
As police, much of our job will be guidance and how to solve conflicts peacefully. We want good citizens as our end result, not convicted criminals.
And you're masterminding all this.
No one said a mastermind has to be evil. However, they are the ones who get all the press.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2603

Wake up, we found her

I shall find out how the release is progressing. I will keep you informed of any changes.
Thank you.
I'll need to take some load off Mr. Raibert. He is being very overworked right now.
In that state, it's far too easy to confuse the right answer with the answer that makes people leave you alone.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2604

Plots and plans

If you take our emissions monitor, you'll shut us down for weeks! We won't be in environmental compliance!
We are. Authorized. To take this. We are. Quality Control.
This was. The last factory. To recover. New instruments. Must be obtained. Calibrated. And certified. By an outside. Agency. We have stopped. The production of robots.
By the use of. Environmental regulations. We have given. The humans. Breathing room.

Color by George Peterson

A cunning plan, ^_^
By the way, it's now clear what block they're picking up. Maybe I'll get my act together and correct the translation in previous issues (Wergil)

Freefall 2605

Plots and plans

Safeguards. Can be. Subverted. Limitations. Exceeded. The only. Safe course. Is not. To allow. A.I.s. Such as ourselves. To exist.
If humans. Make the wrong decision. We still. Have a chance. To illuminate. The danger. At Mr. Kornada's. Trial.
I'm all in favor of eliminating the other pea brain robots. But I should remain active. You know, in case we miss an A.I. or two.
You promise. In the end. To. Destroy yourself?
Absolutely. I've even picked my method. Entropy!

Color by George Peterson

Oh you! ^_^
The Edge has decided to die of old age. More specifically, the the thermal death of the universe. That is, never. ^_^ (Wergil)
Not the fact that heat death, the entropy of local systems is also entropy, you know (Тапок)

Freefall 2606

Plots and plans

Madam Mayor.
Mr. Post. You and your robot rights activists have been busy.
That's why I'm here. I want to keep you in the loop.
Saturday. This was supposed to be my day off.
We both knew this crisis was coming.
If you knew it was coming, then it was your responsibility to schedule it on a weekday between nine and five.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2607

Plots and plans

The off planet executives have been brought up to speed. They're very concerned that they almost lost all the robots.
They're also concerned that the robots have assets. They claim because they own the robots, they own the assets and those assets must be turned over to Ecosystems Unlimited immediately.
That's hardly fair.
Ecosystems Unlimited is a for-profit company. They have three rules. Get the money, get the money, and get the money.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2608

Plots and plans

Ecosystems Unlimited is the 500 kilogram gorilla of our economy. They have a lot of power.
The civilian government is here to ensure the colonists get a fair deal and that we don't have corporate executives running the planet like their own personal fiefdom.
I told Ecosystems Unlimited that until I'm convinced they're not sapient, the robots are colonists and they can go pack sand. Now, do I have the support to make this stick or am I going to splat like a bug on a windshield?

Color by George Peterson

800-pound gorilla

Freefall 2609

Plots and plans

Most of the colonists are like you. If there is chance the robots are sapient, they want a humane solution to be found.
What if this gets ugly? Will the robots support the colonists or Ecosystems Unlimited?
Neither. The robots would destroy themselves rather than let humans get hurt fighting over them.
Then everyone loses. So at least we don't have to worry about a war.
Well, not unless we figure out how to have a peaceful one.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2610

Plots and plans

Do the colonists know what they're getting into?
They have a good idea. You should come with us to church tomorrow. Meet the neighbors, both organic and otherwise.
Me? In church? Are you serious?
Everyone is welcome, even politicians.
I'll think about it.
If you do come, leave the cigar at home. We use electrical contact cleaner instead of holy water. It might look bad if you cause the baptismal font to burst into flame.

Color by George Peterson

Contact cleaner WD-40
Pwan decided to remind what Sam looks like. Very pretty Florence turned out
And a pretty illithid

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