Freefall 2605

Plots and plans

Safeguards. Can be. Subverted. Limitations. Exceeded. The only. Safe course. Is not. To allow. A.I.s. Such as ourselves. To exist.
If humans. Make the wrong decision. We still. Have a chance. To illuminate. The danger. At Mr. Kornada's. Trial.
I'm all in favor of eliminating the other pea brain robots. But I should remain active. You know, in case we miss an A.I. or two.
You promise. In the end. To. Destroy yourself?
Absolutely. I've even picked my method. Entropy!

Color by George Peterson

Oh you! ^_^
The Edge has decided to die of old age. More specifically, the the thermal death of the universe. That is, never. ^_^ (Wergil)
Not the fact that heat death, the entropy of local systems is also entropy, you know (Тапок)

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