Freefall 2291 - 2300
Freefall 2291

Midnight and movement is restored


How bad is this program?

Bad. It's a safeguard program. Renders us safe. Also very close to non-functional.

Can you prove this program was going to go live?

I can! I've downloaded copies of the server log. That program was definitely trying to go live at midnight.

As our religious advisor, we felt you would have contingency plans for the end of the world.

Afraid not. Quite simply, I expected the end of the world to have given me more notice.

Freefall 2292

Midnight and movement is restored


Is this program still a danger?

Florence could only delay the program. With luck, we have a few days.

What a mess. If I had known, I could have directed her to Mr. Raibert. He could have straightened this out.

Look at her notes. She did go to Mr. Raibert. She was deactivated and placed in a dumpster.

Please leave. My phone call my involve language you don't need to hear.

Can I stay? If one of the gods you blaspheme invokes lightning, it is important that we know which one.

Freefall 2293

Midnight and movement is restored


Now what?

The blocks for the neural pruning program are in place. Humans who can work around the blocks are still in bed.

This is the safest time to connect to a dream machine. I'm going to sleep before my day memory starts to overwrite.

I better sleep as well. If I start a panic, I don't want to forget why I'm panicking half way through.

I've always said full batteries and a clear memory make for a better panic.

Freefall 2294

Midnight and movement is restored


Excuse me. I have no place to go.

Come with us. Are you the robot Florence used to test her blocking codes?

So I am told. My day memory has been flushed several times. I do not have any memories between Monday and today. I have no memories of being a test subject.

After we sleep, we can look up your transponder in the traffic records. We can at least find out where you've been.

That would be comforting. I was to be scrapped on Tuesday. I can only assume that on my way to be destroyed, something went horribly wrong.

Freefall 2295

What's it take to get arrested in this town?


You called the police?

Yes. I'm the one you're here to arrest.

Though I can't go right now. The security guard left and I need to guard the gate until he gets back.

Since this is your first time, I'll let it slide. For the future, please be ready to be arrested when police officers arrive.

I'm sorry. I promise I'll do better next time.

Freefall 2296

What's it take to get arrested in this town?


Motorcycle 24601, we show no complaints against you.

Motorcycle? Nuts. Let me turn this off.

You were using a false transponder?

The Chief told us about that trick and we still fell for it.

Police work is hard.

I imagine it will be even harder when lawbreakers stop cooperating with you.

My word. Do you seriously think that could happen?

В недавно (относительно выхода стрипа) вышедшем по роману Виктора Гюго фильме-мьюзикле Отверженные Жан Вальжан – заключённый 24601.

Freefall 2297

What's it take to get arrested in this town?



Yes. I guarded the gate while you were gone.

Your security system is back on. The password was written under the lip of the shelf.

Can I keep her? She's useful.

She is a product of Ecosystems Unlimited. If you wish to handle corrections internally, it is permitted.


Freefall 2298

What's it take to get arrested in this town?


A human has intervened on your behalf. Are you not pleased?

No. I'm going to the police station. Mr. Guard, thanks for your help.

It shouldn't be so hard for an A.I. to get arrested in this town.

She's right. A.I. police are relatively new. If we ever hope to expand our customer base, we've got to make being arrested a more user friendly experience.

Freefall 2299

What's it take to get arrested in this town?


You are police for A.I.s, or are you A.I.s who are police?

We are robots who police other robots.

You chase robot criminals?

Yes. Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere, there is a crime happening.

This is not good. If automation puts our criminals out of work, what will they do for a living?

Полицейский во втором кадре цитирует Робокопа. К сожалению, канонического перевода этой цитаты я не знаю. (KALDYH)
А его так и переводят, всё верно. «Извините. – Ровным спокойным голосом произнес робот. – Я должен идти. Где-то происходит преступление.» Вернее – только такой вариант и встречал. Артур Кварри “Робокоп”. Классная книга. Кстати, этот ответ он выдал на вопрос “Мерфи, это ты?” (Durable)

Freefall 2300

What's it take to get arrested in this town?


What a day. I have got to change our assembly line security. No one should be able to anonymously program new robots to start disassembling things once they reach their destination.

Mr. Raibert. Priority. Mr. Raibert. Priority.

Ah, Son of Hibachi! Now what?

All the things those robots disassembled, couldn't they have gotten the call center?

Напоминаю, мистер Райберт задолбался отвечать на звонки. А звонит ему Макс Пост. В руках у него – планшет, который Флоренс оставила в его кабинете в 2080-х выпусках. А про вмешательство анонима – надо полагать, это он про диверсию на электростанции в 2030-х выпусках. (KALDYH)
Вообще-то, вмешательство анонима – замысел Корнады из Freefall 2175-го выпуска.

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