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Welcome to wiki Comicslate1). In short, this is an open collective wiki with a specialized online “photoshop” for translating web-comics. Our translations are made in the original editor CoTAN by 12balloons over the original images. This allows you to constantly improve the design and quality of translations and index them in search engines. In case of high-quality translation, photo-edited web-comics are allowed.

  • it is possible to read the original web-comics, while uncheck the box “Show translation”
  • you can read the current translations of web-comics
  • you can help with marking not yet completed translations
  • you can help with texts translation
  • you can help with developing of the site
  • you can add new comics, having issued it by analogy with existing examples

Other features

In addition

Our project is open, that mean:
  • Registration is not required
    • although there is a section index for self-expression
  • but access to sections marked 18+ protects by nsfw
    • only registered visitors are allowed to use it and enter the 18+ group
      • still you can not specify your own mail

CC BY-NC-SA — free non-commercial license. Placement and derived works are allowed, but must be:

  • BY - attribution of a comic book (direct link to the author's site) and translation (direct link to Comicslit). Hyperlink is desirable. In social groups' thematic album's is quite one hyperlink per album's title.
  • NC - revenue is possible only from advertising platforms, but not from licensed content
  • SA - with the indication of the same license
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Forms of subscription

  • Groups in social networks and Yandex widget
  • RSS-feeds
    The button in the browser's address bar. The main stream is available everywhere, the flow of a single comic book - from its pages
  • Web-push
    Activated when you use the navi's number entry window:

Latest news

April 18, 2018
MULTILINGUALITY. Alpha-version (Robot Spike)
April 19 2018
There is a setup interface, return first deleted the plugin languages (Robot Spike)
20 April 2018
Began the translation of the Freefall in French (Robot Spike)
April 24 2018
Set up automatic selection of the main page with the appropriate language (Robot Spike)
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