Freefall 2281 - 2290
Freefall 2281

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


It's been a wonderful evening, but I need to go before the police show up. Thanks for the wallet!



My first time being picked up by the police and they run off. I knew I should have studied. I wonder if I can still get arrested if I fail the test?

Сэм стебётся над охранником, намекая на прошедшее время как на завершённое свидание и оставляя визитку, впрочем, не свою.)) Флоренс всё ещё страдает по поводу “хорошая собачка” ли она, если только она одна будет арестована, без Сэма и без свидетельств охранника. К тому же, её впервые забирает полиция – это “мандраж первого раза”.)) (Durable)

Freefall 2282

Clippy discovers his plan has failed


Midnight. The “Gardener In The Dark” program is going out and soon the money will be coming in.

Failure to transmit? Retransmission failed three times? “Gardener In The Dark” removed from update list?


Слова романтика будущего, прекрасного фантаста Рея Брэдбери: “Сами машины – это пустые перчатки. Но их надевает человеческая рука, которая может быть хорошей или плохой”

Freefall 2283

Clippy discovers his plan has failed


Commnet transmission of “Gardener In The Dark” has failed. However, I can still obey Mr. Kornada's order to transfer the robots wealth to him.

Tweet “Look up Gardener In The Dark”. Failed? Profanity? Plan C. Peer to peer transmission from pre-seeded sites. What? Another fail?

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action.” The question is, who could possibly want to oppose such a wonderful person as Mr. Kornada?

Freefall 2284

Clippy discovers his plan has failed


Mr. Kornada is the most wonderful and important person ever. I know this is true because he told me so himself.

And if he becomes the richest person, he's told me his actions will help all of humanity.

And since I'm working for the good of all humanity, my safeguards in regards to the individual do not apply.

I hope I ran over something. Otherwise, that audible snap noise was my brain.

Freefall 2285

Midnight and movement is restored


Midnight. The signal is off. We have command of our motor controllers back. We can move again!

Want me to see if there's a snooze button?

Give me a moment. It takes time for a hydraulic system to warm up.




Freefall 2286

Midnight and movement is restored


I've looked at the code. We're dealing with a true safeguard program, designed to spread any way it can.

If Florence missed one method of transmission, we could be motoring into a robot zombie apocalypse.

Want to open your present before we go?

Freefall 2287

Midnight and movement is restored


It's a hat.

A detective hat! You wanted a method to keep your video feeds from being public.

It's a hot spot. You're in complete control of the feeds of anyone who links through this. You can broadcast them or cut them off entirely. If a client has a secret, you can keep it under your hat.

This is such a nice gift, I'm not even tempted to step on you for that pun.

That also went into my calculations.

Freefall 2288

Midnight and movement is restored


Wait! Wait! I need to grab the transmitter thing. Something that can knock out our motor controllers is something I want to know more about.

Qwerty, would you please carry that? I don't want Mr. “Oh, how does this work?” to be tempted.


Freefall 2289

Midnight and movement is restored


We're clear of the dead zone. I've got a strong signal from Commnet.

Linking in. Everything seems normal. Traffic patterns are good. Checking updates. “Gardener In The Dark” was not included in tonight's updates.

How many people know the apocalypse was averted tonight?

Not enough. Let's go start a panic.


Freefall 2290

Midnight and movement is restored


Mr. Post. I know it's late, but we have a problem.

Gardener in the dark?

You knew?

Just found out from the robot Sam brought over.

We may want to minimize Sam's involvement in this.

Yeah. The one planet wide disaster he's not responsible for and knowing Sam, he'll claim credit.

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