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Welcome to wiki Comicslate1). In short, this is an open collective wiki with a specialized online “photoshop” for translating web-comics. Our translations are made in the original editor CoTAN by Understanding and using the source code, masks and textboxes (FIXME Работа с наклейками) over the original images. This allows you to constantly improve the design and quality of translations and index them in search engines. In case of high-quality translation, photo-edited web-comics are allowed.

Here you can:

Other features

Our project is open, that mean:
  • registration is not required
    • although there is a section index for self-expression
  • but access to sections marked 18+ protects by Complicated CAPTCHA
    • only registered visitors are allowed to use it and enter the 18+ group
      • still you can specify not your own mail

CC BY-NC-SA — free non-commercial license. Placement and derived works are allowed, but must be:

  • BY - attribution of a comic book (direct link to the author's site) and translation (direct link to Comicslit). Hyperlink is desirable. In social groups' thematic album's is quite one hyperlink per album's title.
  • NC - revenue is possible only from advertising platforms, but not from licensed content
  • SA - with the indication of the same license


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