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All comics must be marked with stars, * * rotation* * which marks still emerging cartoons, and color denotes coverage Laggards, regardless of his quality. Set-off is worthy of at least the rough layout of the labels on the syntax of AIMG (rectangular rounded stickers with the background) with translated text in them. Translation for the rating is not recognized:

  • posted on the page script with the speech of the characters, no matter in the original language or already translated
  • primary markings smeared with the original text
  • tiny photoshopped pictures

The designations of the stars

How much has been translated? Comic is
finished ongoing
< 25% <25% <25%
25% - 50% >25% >25%
50% - 95% >50% >50%
> 95% >95% >95%

At the same time, the already achieved rank does not decrease situationally, for example, an outgoing comic with fully translated 15 issues does not make sense to drop in “silver” when a new issue is released. however, if the transfer is abandoned for a long time, the periodic review of ratings is corrected.

The status of the translation should be marked with the color of the Note:

Translation active
Translation is hang
Everything's not good
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