Freefall 3601 - 3610
Freefall 3601

Flo and Gregor at the ship

The manufacturing inquiry is addressed to the site manager. We no longer have a site manager. Mail sent to positions that no longer exist are to be deleted.
Wait! What does the chain of command say when the site manager is not available?
There are currently no humans on site. If the site manger is not available, it goes to the shift manager, then operator in charge, then roving operator, then into emergency response which allows a person on the scene to be designated as temporarily in charge.
I'm on the scene!
I agree, temporary site manager. Delivering message.
Freefall 3602

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Is it a job, Rover17?
Maybe. There is a ship with a damaged fusion reactor. They want to know if we can repair it or replace it.
We don't make fusion reactors. We make bombs.
At the moment,
we make nothing.
This could be an opportunity if we are willing to change.
True. Still, it feels strange to consider intentionally making something that won't blow up on command.
Freefall 3603

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Can we
repair or replace the 1071-CCN reactor?
After reviewing the specifications, the superconductor section reports they are confident they can handle the job.
Work! It will be wonderful to have purpose again!
How much should we pay them to give us the job?
Rover17, it will be best if we let accounting handle the negotiations.
Freefall 3604

Flo and Gregor at the ship

This is accounting. I have encountered an oddity. Florence Ambrose has a substantial credit in the robot community.
Is it enough to repair or replace their reactor?
How much credit does
she have?
If Ms. Ambrose wishes to keep her own drinking cup, we can build a new spaceship underneath it.
Freefall 3605

Flo and Gregor at the ship

We have a bid from the bomb factory. They believe replacing the reactor would be our best option. The charge is … zero? That can't be right.
No, no, no. I told the robots I don't want a reward for my part in the “Gardener in the dark” incident. I would like to see a normal bid.
We can't afford that.
A free reactor or stuck here with no way to get home. I know what my choice
would be.
Freefall 3606

Flo and Gregor at the ship

I'm not sure what we should do.
Easy. Tell them yes.
If I get paid for my job, we pay the robots. If I don't get paid, we'll have a reactor to get us home and we can handle the details later.
Surprisingly practical advice.
With only one reactor,
we have to stay near the station. I greatly prefer to have the option of running away.
Freefall 3607

Flo and Gregor at the ship

I've told the bomb factory to build the reactor. I'm not happy about using the robot's credit. I never intended to touch that.
Florence, the robots want to repay us for what we did. It's a situation you're supposed to take advantage of!
I'm trying to teach her to be more selfish
and self centered. So far, she's been a very difficult student.
Freefall 3608

Flo and Gregor at the ship

I have a simple point of view.      ♪
No obsessions I pursue.
I'm a poor man, though I do not need a thing.   ♬         ♪
I have a wealth of another kind.
Opulence is state of mind.   ♪
I'm a poor man, with the fortune of a king.   ♪
Winston said that you had a good singing voice. Do you know any Klingon opera?
My son asked specifically not to teach you Klingon opera.
Which is a shame. If you are willing to look past the orbital bombardment and the subsequent planetary destruction, “The Khitomer Massacre” is a lovely piece of music.
“Pauper in Paradise” by Frozen Ghost

Khitomer Massacre – an event in the Star Trek movie universe, the Romulan attack on the Klingon planet Khitomer
Quite a sensible restriction, given Flo's abilities and her penchant for human creativity (robot_spike)

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