Freefall 3608

Unused assets at the bomb factory

I have a simple point of view.      ♪
No obsessions I pursue.
I'm a poor man, though I do not need a thing.   ♬         ♪
I have a wealth of another kind.
Opulence is state of mind.   ♪
I'm a poor man, with the fortune of a king.   ♪
Winston said that you had a good singing voice. Do you know any Klingon opera?
My son asked specifically not to teach you Klingon opera.
Which is a shame. If you are willing to look past the orbital bombardment and the subsequent planetary destruction, “The Khitomer Massacre” is a lovely piece of music.
“Pauper in Paradise” by Frozen Ghost

Khitomer Massacre – an event in the Star Trek movie universe, the Romulan attack on the Klingon planet Khitomer
Quite a sensible restriction, given Flo's abilities and her penchant for human creativity (robot_spike)

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