Freefall 3911 - 3920 (D)
Freefall 3911

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

You're going to see some humans
on this station. I know it's your first time. Play it cool. We don't want to attract attention.
Hello, Humans!
I love you all!
It was tough, but I was
able to contain myself.
Freefall 3912

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Hello, Human! I love you!
I will do anything for you!
When we get to the meeting,
I need you to tone it down and
let me do most of the talking.
We're in for some tough negotiations with
the humans and saying “I love you and will
do anything for you!” is likely to undermine
our position.
Freefall 3913

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

The station manager and the union each have their own agenda for robots. Until they agree, you and your friends won't
be allowed to work.
Your job is to play the naive six year old and get each side to explain their case as they try to sway you with their arguments.
And in doing that, we will be doing something that is very dangerous to any entrenched mental position. Getting each side to actually listen to their opponent.
Freefall 3914

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Niomi! This is Rover17.
He's from the bomb factory
and here to help on the station.
Hi! I love…
I am pleased
to meet you.
Thanks for getting
the snacks.
Food we provide to set the tone for our negotiations. One of the things you'll learn about humans. It doesn't matter if the person
is a pauper or a billionaire, they're both happy when they get a free donut.
Freefall 3915

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

This is my first entry into
a private human living space. Are there any special rituals I should perform?
Sam, before you say anything to corrupt this robot's mind, remember that I am listening and I am bigger than you.
No. No special rituals. Especially no special rituals that involve the pummeling of a sqid.
Though if you travel with Sam
long enough, I'm sure you'll see that special ritual performed. Depending on negotiations, you may even see
it tonight.
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