Freefall 3681 - 3690
Freefall 3681

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

What will you need?
Two pans. Salt. A pestle and mortar if you have one.
Who cooks at home?
We alternate. I'm better at traditional recipes. Winston is better at recipes that use insects.
Winston has tried to get me to cook with insects. He gave me a cookbook called “It's not a bug, it's a feature.” I have yet to be convinced that a chef should intentionally add flies to the soup.
Freefall 3682

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

Do you need any help?
No, thank you. It's a simple dish and …
There are some people that the worst thing you can do to them is give them nothing to do.
Freefall 3683

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

I'm so happy you finally met someone you like. You were always a bit shy.
I was afraid you were going to be alone all your life. Now I know what you were doing.
You were waiting for the next generation of humanity to be released.
Freefall 3684

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

You can be part of humanity without being human. It's culture, not biology.
It doesn't matter if you're organic, mechanical, or virtual. If you share the same core values and goals, you're part of our society.
Most people are not as open minded as you.
No worries. They make a cybernetic implant for that.
Freefall 3685

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

There's really only one core value. Make life better for the next generation. Everything else is implementation.
Some societies dislike rapid change.
In an environment that pushes them against their neighbors, there's conflict. We have the power and resources to give them space.
Take your father, for instance. He would be perfectly happy as a rural farmer with cows and chickens living inside an O'Neill cylinder.

O'Neill cylinder

Freefall 3686

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

Suppose you don't want to be a farmer in an o'neill cylinder.
That's the advantage of having lots of places you can go. You can vote with your feet.
That's why we're here. We voted
with an interstellar sleeper ship.
In principle, it's the same thing.
Freefall 3687

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

There are not many planets in the Goldilocks zone. Orbital habitats are cheaper and faster than trying to terraform. As time goes on, the majority of our civilization will be living in space instead of on planets.
This also could change how we expand. With slow migration of O'Neill cylinders, you could have an entire civilization pack up and move. Your destination wouldn't even need inhabitable planets.
Though if they do head towards another occupied system, arrangements would need to be made. I imagine it would be quite inconvenient to have a trillion people show up at your door unannounced.

Goldilocks zone

Freefall 3688

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

let's eat!
Not yet. I need to adjust the fans. The current set up is blowing all the food scent away from the table.
All those years of cooking and we never thought of that.
Hers is a different mindset. Humans rarely consider ventilation as a system to preserve and distribute smells.
Freefall 3689

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

I'll make
another batch.
What? That is the proper
way to compliment a chef.
Freefall 3690

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

You shouldn't order her around. You're taking advantage
of her.
I simply asked for seconds.
This isn't taking advantage. This is not letting food go to waste.
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