Freefall 3671 - 3680
Freefall 3671

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

Someone let a dog loose in here? Don't I have enough work keeping this place going?
Here, Puppy! I hope you're trained because
I don't know how to deal with foreign contaminants that are big enough to run
away from me!
Freefall 3672

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

I wasn't going to interfere with your plants. I was just going for a run.
You can talk!? Uhm.
Beep! I am an automated horticultural unit. Beep! Nothing to see here. Move along.
Why is there a dream machine in your cubby hole? Those aren't normally issued for individual use.
Dream machine? That's a… That's a…
Okay. Fine. I don't need an error code to know when I'm busted.
Are you communicating through wi-fi?
I feel I'm missing half the conversation.
Freefall 3673

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

What the…[/] Dog? Human? Dog! Human! Loaf of bread?
Bowman's wolf. Artificial biological construct. Did you need a hiding spot?
Why would
I need a hiding spot?
Great. Now I'm thinking like my captain and wondering why I DON'T have a hiding spot. Maybe you should tell me what's going on.
Freefall 3674

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

There is a conflict between the humans of the station. The worker faction does not want artificial intelligence to take their jobs.
There are not enough workers. The plants were dying. I'm hiding here so I can take care of the plants.
You must be good if you you've never been seen.
I've been seen. I pretend I'm farm equipment. As long as everything works, humans tend not to look too closely.
Freefall 3675

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

Are you going to tell people I'm here?
No. I'll respect your wishes. Also, I don't know enough about what is going on to start disrupting things.
Are there other robots hiding on this station?
I wouldn't know.
The purpose of hiding is to not let people know you're there.
In hindsight, that was a silly question.
Freefall 3676

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

I have to go. I have a dinner to make. May I see you again?
Yes, if you're discreet. I'll have to leave if a human finds me here.
In Scottish tales, they tell of brownies. Helpful sprites who would do chores when the household was asleep.
I may need to take Niomi up on her offer. The maintenance shop would be just the place to find out if this station has brownies.
Freefall 3677

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

Should I even look into this? I'm here to know Winston's parents, not chase down why there are robots hiding on the station.
KISS. Keep It
Simple, Stupid.
Except ignoring things now to keep life simple has the nasty habit of making life even more complicated later.

KISS principle

Freefall 3678

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

New reactor for the ship. Niomi wants
me to help out in maintenance. There is
at least one robot hiding and working
on the station, probably more.
Okay. Stop. Take
a moment and focus on
what is most important.
Making a nice dinner for Winston and his parents. It might not be the most important thing overall, but it is the most important thing right now.
Freefall 3679

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

Hi, hi. Yes,
I missed you too.
Ah, young love. Where pressing with a body part can completely knock your man off balance.
In Winston's defense,
few women can exert
that much force with
their nose.
Freefall 3680

Provisional Title: Return to the Station

Food should have arrived for tonight's dinner.
It is in the kitchen. I will show you were we keep the utensils.
Dad said Florence might ruin me for other women.
He voiced the same concerns to me.
Did you ruin Dad for other women?
Darn right I did.
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