Freefall 3661 - 3670 (D)
Freefall 3661

Sam, Money, and the pits

Are people not doing their jobs?
I'd say the opposite is happening. People are doing their jobs and only their jobs.
In a big place like this, people go beyond what is required of them to keep the station running. Irritate the people and they stop doing the extra work.
Would that apply to life support?
I hope not. Though now might be a good time to see if my suit can be upgraded to vacuum capable.

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3662

Sam, Money, and the pits

Message for Sam Starfall from Qwerty and Dvorak.
I asked them what kind of ship would provide the most benefits to the robots. I have to make a good argument if I'm going to get Florence to use her credit.
An Aldrin cycler. What the heck is an Aldrin cycler?
That's the problem when dealing with brainy types. You have to ask more questions to understand their answers.

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3663

Sam, Money, and the pits

Aldrin cycler. Also known as a castle. It's less of a ship and more of a space station whose orbit crosses that of Jean and the gas giant on a regular cycle.
Once up to speed, it uses almost no reaction mass. It can carry heavier shielding than a regular ship. This could really help the robots with their project to inhabit that moon orbiting the gas giant.
Any ice asteroids in its path of travel?
Ice asteroids were one of the first things this station grabbed. Though to be safe, we'll avoid names like the Titanic.

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3664

Sam, Money, and the pits

Qwerty and Dvorak aren't talking about building a ship. They want to build three of them.
Three ships!
And a space station around the gas giant with a magnetic accelerator for catching and launching the taxis the cycler ships will carry.
I don't know if Florence has enough credit for that.
Helix, I'm proud of those guys. I offered one ship, they want three and a station. The robots have learned how to mooch.

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3665

Sam, Money, and the pits

Ah, here's what they're planning. Florence gets one ship built. Once things start moving, they line up investors for the other ships and the station.
Then they'll have the resources to work on all the moons instead of just one. They might even build a local population of robots optimized to work in cold surroundings with an inert atmosphere.
Which could lead to some interesting sights back home. If those robots want to visit the humans, they would need environment suits to survive our hostile shirt-sleeve conditions.

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3666

Sam, Money, and the pits

We've got a plan. We'll make
a pitch to Florence tomorrow
and see if she goes for it.
Building an Aldrin cycler will help the robots at the bomb factory and the robots on Juno's moon and even the robots back home who will be making stuff to ship there.
I should put this on my resume.
What's the official job title for
“Someone who is really good at
spending other people's money?”

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3667

Prepping for dinner on a space station, with a slight detour

No grocery stores. Food is ordered online and delivered to where you want it. The meat is mycoprotein, shaped and flavored how you want. Good, I can eat mycoprotein.
They've gotten creative with the artificial flavors. As well as beef, fish and chicken, you can get mythical meats like unicorn, griffin, and leviathan. They sell the monster manual as a cook book.
Fish for tonight. Keep it simple. I want to impress Winston's parents. Now is not the time to find out that dragon stroganoff is an acquired taste.

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3668

Prepping for dinner on a space station, with a slight detour

White fish with sesame noodles. Tastes good and it's easy to prepare.
The meal doesn't have to be spectacular. It only has to be above average. Show them that I can cook.
It's too bad I didn't meet Winston's parents as a pup. Then all I'd need to do to impress them is sit, roll over and play dead.

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3669

Prepping for dinner on a space station, with a slight detour

Some people think cooking is an obsolete skill, like knowing how to shoe a horse or plow a field. They have a point.
You can get food delivered or prepared meal kits that go in the oven. Still, those lack a certain something that you get when you prepare a meal yourself.
And speaking of lack, sometimes you get so deep in thought that you forget to press the elevator button and find yourself on an entirely different floor than expected.

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3670

Prepping for dinner on a space station, with a slight detour

I don't see or smell anyone else.
Looks like I'm here by myself.
I've got space and I'm surrounded by green.
I don't think anyone would fault me for getting some zoomies out of my system.

Color by George Peterson.

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