Freefall 1908

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

Do you, or can you, receive modifications to your operating system via Commnet?
Commnet? No.
Good. Take this to a room without Commnet devices and read what's inside. No phones. No cameras. Not even blueteeth if you have a smart mouth. My future is at stake here!
Hmm. Too light to be a box of springy snakes. Not enough room for a tiger. At least it sounds like paper.
Arrgh! Show some caution! One does not shake the box containing the sticky notes of doom!

Color by George Peterson

Smart mouth? What would that mean? Too smart mouth? Irony from Edge? (Durable)
bluetooth? If there are bluetooth devices, why not specify them? Is wordplay worth such a sloppy translation?
Sounds like Edge is referring to something from a long time ago - robot lore. He doesn't know exactly -what bluetooth is (just that it's used for communication) and yet, he mentions it in the plural, making an analogy with what he knows, then extending the analogy and mentioning something that could lead to a known problem: the ability to change the program of a Smart mouth -a mouth with extended processing power. Frequent use in near-computer slang of the English “sinetooth” and gives an almost lossless translation of the joke.) (Durable)

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