Freefall 1901 - 1910 (H)
Freefall 1901

Resupplying satellites

It was hard to tell over your screaming, but Florence didn't seem to have any fun during our landing. It must be because she's a wolf.
Humans once hunted wolves. Only the very cautious and very shy survived. It must be sad to belong to a species that has had all boldness removed from its genome.
She showed boldness by letting you fly the ship down.
Maybe. Or we may just be seeing the normal suicide response that anyone who works for us goes through.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1902

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

Are you awake?
I'm awake, Dummy. This is a recharge station, not a sleep station.
Your ship is in.
Good. Now go away, kid. You bother me.
Are you malfunctioning, or are you just a jerk?
You know what? An emergency services human told me to tell you to pull your head off.

Color by George Peterson

Edge is quoting a joke by long-time American comedian Duckenfield (WC Filds). The fact that the second robot wasn't interested in such things clearly hurt him :) (Robot Spike)

Freefall 1903

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

Hey! Open up!
Unauthorized robot. Permission denied.
Fine. A human told me to tell you to open up.
This ship contains hazardous materials. Loss of material control may result in harm to humans. Permission denied.
I won't touch any of your stupid materials. Now open up! You're supposed to trust me!
My captain is Sam Starfall. I have learned not to trust.

Color by George Peterson

The benefits of Sam Starfall: He teaches…))(Durable)

Freefall 1904

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

Open up, you stupid ship!
Attempted harm to ship detected. Stop immediately or countermeasures shall be taken.
Yeah? Big deal. You're a ship. What are you going to do? Run away without permission?
Hey! No fair using magnets!

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1905

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

“So tired of broken hearts, and losing at this game before I start…”
Ms. Ambrose. A robot has attempted unauthorized access to this ship.
Ship, please identify robot.
Unable to comply. Robot has no transponder. Robot's radio is disabled.
We only have visual identification?
Negative. Robot is also providing audio. Lots and lots of audio.
[!1.1]Stupid ship! I didn't come all this way to be magnetized! Let me off of you!

Color by George Peterson

Transfer from Amalgam laboratories. A quote from the beginning of a Madonna song “Cherish”: “So tired of broken hearts and losing at this game / Before I start this [dance]” [dance]

Freefall 1906

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

Ship, please release Mr. Edge.
About time, you stupid mutt. We've got a problem. Ecosystems Unlimited has written a program to kill me.
Imagine. Someone writing a program specifically to kill a robot as charming as you.
Not specifically me.
It will also kill every other robot in the system, but that's not important.
Maybe we better go inside and talk.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1907

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

You've got foil on your head.
It's to block radio waves.
There's a name in this box. If you know the name and you're connected to Commnet, you lose your mind!
I think your head may be screwed on a little too tight.
Not my fault. I don't own a torque wrench and I don't trust any mechanic to work on me but myself.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1908

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

Do you, or can you, receive modifications to your operating system via Commnet?
Commnet? No.
Good. Take this to a room without Commnet devices and read what's inside. No phones. No cameras. Not even blueteeth if you have a smart mouth. My future is at stake here!
Hmm. Too light to be a box of springy snakes. Not enough room for a tiger. At least it sounds like paper.
Arrgh! Show some caution! One does not shake the box containing the sticky notes of doom!

Color by George Peterson

Smart mouth? What would that mean? Too smart mouth? Irony from Edge? (Durable)
bluetooth? If there are bluetooth devices, why not specify them? Is wordplay worth such a sloppy translation?
Sounds like Edge is referring to something from a long time ago - robot lore. He doesn't know exactly -what bluetooth is (just that it's used for communication) and yet, he mentions it in the plural, making an analogy with what he knows, then extending the analogy and mentioning something that could lead to a known problem: the ability to change the program of a Smart mouth -a mouth with extended processing power. Frequent use in near-computer slang of the English “sinetooth” and gives an almost lossless translation of the joke.) (Durable)

Freefall 1909

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

Did you say these were sticky notes?
Yeah. Blunt found them in a box of robot parts from Ecosystems Unlimited.
I'll be right back. Please don't go anywhere.
When humans are threatened, they get Rambo or John Wayne. Who do I have to depend on? Skippy the Wonder Dog.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1910

Florence gets the sticky notes of doom

Ship, privacy mode for my room, please. No calls. Only life support sensors active.
That should protect Commnet. Though if these notes are as dangerous as Edge thinks, I really should use two barrier isolation.

Color by George Peterson

Single-blanket cryptography in action.

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