Freefall 2421 - 2430
Freefall 2421

Sam figures it out


You've got your fun happening here. I'm going to see how Florence is doing.

Talk to the police chief. He said something about her not showing up at the compound.

She escaped? Ha! I knew she had the potential to be a great criminal!

She's not a crim… Nuts! If I'm successful, she is going to be a criminal.

Quit hogging all the credit. You may legally make her a criminal, but I'm the one who trained her and did all the hard work.

Вообще-то о комплексе упоминал мистер Райберт на стр. Freefall 2368, и Макс Пост это слышал. Запамятовал, наверное. (KALDYH)
Если притянуть Freefall 2366, то вполне сойдет и начальник (plBots)

Freefall 2422

Sam figures it out


This world is for humans, not machines.

Wasn't the plan for Florence to stay with the police?

Helix, if everything goes according to plan, the plan has been compromised.

This is why we've been working with her. Giving her the tools and skills she needs for when things go south.

She has learned how to deal with people like us.

Unlike our local jail warden. Did you know every time the police threaten to arrest me, he bursts into tears?

Очевидная отсылка к HAL9000 (Космическая одиссея 2001 года)
О недоверии к плану без сбоев – отсылка к одному из следствий закона Мёрфи

Freefall 2423

Sam figures it out


Hey, Chief! I'm looking for my engineer. Is this where she got away from you?

She did not escape. She was taken from us by a robot working for Mr. Kornada.

Did you wish to assist us in finding her?

Me? Work with the police? Erk! Aiegg! Gahh!

Sam's tested my sanity enough times. My turn to test his.

Freefall 2424

Sam figures it out


I can't work with the police. I have my reputation to think of!

Ah, yes. About that. Things are getting restless. The mayor might declare a state of emergency.

If that happens, I'll see to it that you're issued a full pardon! You'll be absolved of all your crimes! When others of your race encounter humanity and see your records, you'll look like a model citizen!

Chief, I accept your offer of blackmail.

After only one threat? You really must want your engineer back.

Freefall 2425

Sam figures it out


Ms. Ambrose was taken by a robot named Clippy. Clippy is being redacted by a high level security program.

He's effectively invisible to electronic systems. This goes all the way down to individual robots not being able to see him.

Is this a snipe hunt? I love snipe hunts!

It's not a snipe hunt! And for your information, a snipe is not “anything valuable I can fit into my mouth!”

Кстати о камерах робота – их 4 и это цвета ))) повёрнутые на 90 градусов) Или меня уже глючит?)(Durable)
Вроде не глючит. Пространственное цветовое деление Cyan-Yellow-Green-Red, цветовой охват несколько уже, чем RGB, зато выше светочувствительность, а пространственное деление при всех его недостатках вроде плохого сведения позволяет использовать самые простейшие черно-белые фотоприемники. Подозреваю, это робот самых первых выпусков, пускай плохо технически оснащённый, зато наиболее интеллектуально развитый. (KALDYH)
“Охота на бекасов” – национальный американский розыгрыш (KALDYH)

Freefall 2426

Sam figures it out


While we could not track Clippy, we were able to track Ms. Ambrose and the car to the airport.

Shortly thereafter, a plane left the airport and several hours later, arrived at a compound near the south pole.

There was no one on board when it landed.

First they lose luggage, now they lose people. It's getting to where I don't want to fly commercial any more.

Скорее, речь идет о деловой авиации

Freefall 2427

Sam figures it out


Did the car try to evade surveillance, or did it go straight to the airport?

Straight to the airport.

Then the plane went straight to the south pole compound. No attempt at concealment. Are you sure they got on the plane?

Ms. Ambrose has a veterinary RFID chip. We were able to track it from the car to the plane.

They're at the south pole compound.

I wanted to know if you would come to the same conclusion. Unfortunately, that means I must come to other unpleasant conclusions.

Интересно, какие же выводы сделал начальник полиции? Что люди [на базе] ему соврали? Форум комикса ответа не даёт. (KALDYH)
Те же выводы и сделал. Откуда, в свою очередь, следует неприятный вывод, что они с Сэмом мыслят похоже. (AulorePainskin)
Страж порядка вынужден мыслить как преступник, иначе ему его не понять, а значит, и не предугадать. Впервые к такой диалектической мысли пришли работники Лубянки примерно в 1923 году (Robot Spike)

Freefall 2428

Sam figures it out


There are people I need to talk to. Sam, thank you for your input. Most of my fellow police are robots and do not yet understand subterfuge and misdirection.

You commit crimes because of the challenge. You should come work for me. Catching a criminal is much more challenging than committing a crime.

I'm going to pass on that.

Helix, we live among humans. I like humans. But they have really, really weird ideas on how a good life should be lived.

Freefall 2429

Sam figures it out


We need to check out this secret compound the Chief showed us.

So we are working for the police, just without pay and stuff.

[!1.2]Helix, humans are dirty, rotten, devious underhanded, sneaks!

When our species officially makes contact, we're going to get along great!

Freefall 2430

Sam figures it out


Here are some good pictures of the compound. Let's see how we can get in.

They've got a missile launcher.


Auto turret.

No problem.

No problem.

No problem.

Average temperature is forty degrees below zero.

Okay, that's a problem.

Шкалы Цельсия и Фарингейта пересекаются при -40°C = -40°F

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