Freefall 0351 - 0360
Freefall 0351

Canine in the water


Whuff. I am getting tired.

I'm almost there. I just hope the veterinarian is in the mood to have a surprise visitor.

Stormy nights were made for watching movies like this.

Werewolf theater now returns with “sharp pointy fangs of death”.

Freefall 0352

Canine in the water


An access terminal. My code will open this door right up.

On the other hand, someone probably lives here. I can't just barge into someone's home.

I'm cold, I'm wet, and my leg is still bleeding, but that's no cause to be impolite.

Freefall 0353

Canine in the water


They always make the same mistake in these horror movies.

No! Don't open the door! Don't open the door!




Freefall 0354

Canine in the water


Come on, doc. Get a hold of yourself. It's just some poor person who got caught in the storm.

Sigh. Too many teeth. I have to remember when smiling at people not to show too many teeth.

Freefall 0355

Canine in the water


I don't believe it. It really was a werewolf.

Okay, Doc. Think. What's the first thing people in horror movies do when a werewolf shows up?

Why, the same thing I did. They run off and leave the door open so the monster can enter the house.

Freefall 0356

Canine in the water



I'm sorry if I startled you. My name is Florence Ambrose. I'm a Bowman's Wolf.

I guess I should have expected this. There's always a wait to see the doctor, especially when you show up without an appointment.

Freefall 0357

Canine in the water


It's not a werewolf. It's a Bowman's Wolf. My problem is I have too much imagination.

How do I face someone after embarrassing myself like that? Well, they say it helps if you picture the other person in their underwear.

Yep. I definitely have too much imagination.

Freefall 0358

Canine in the water


A Bowman's Wolf. I've heard of them, but I've never actually seen one before.

I'm not even sure how you're supposed to introduce yourself to one of these.


Freefall 0359

Canine in the water


Shake? Uhm, okay. Sorry for about the blood, I'm still bleeding rather severely. Are you a veterinarian?

Yes, I am. Hey, that must be why you came here. Well, come on. We'll get that leg fixed up.

A medical emergency. Great! Finally a situation I can feel comfortable in.

В оригинале идиомы нет, но думаю, этот вариант подходит как нельзя лучше

Freefall 0360

Canine in the water


Taking pressure off the wound. Oh, man. Look at that. You've definitely cut something major.

I've got to get this clamped or you're not going to last five minutes. The vein edges don't look too ragged. I may be able to seal this.

Using a soothing tone of voice doesn't help much if the patient understands what you're saying.

Now where did I leave that hot glue gun?

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