Freefall 0341 - 0350
Freefall 0341

Canine in the water


You faked a heart attack and made me leave behind the person who saved my life? I'm going to…

Bad robot! Bad! If I were a good robot, my programmed safeguards wouldn't have to take over.


Bam Bam

Arrgh! I can't do anything and he knows it. I can's take this. I'm turning myself off.

Freefall 0342

Canine in the water


We're at the spaceport. Mr. Starfall, once a job is done, we have a standard policy for dealing with contractors. Please bend over.

We give them a swift kick in the pants and then wonder why they don't want to work for us again. Have a nice day.

Despite being the most admirable human I've ever met, he didn't pay me, and for that I must have revenge.

Freefall 0343

Canine in the water


Hi, Mr. Kornada. Captain Sam gave us the most wonderful talk. We're taking you to the doctor.

Go away. I feel fine.

People with medical problems often say that. It's for your own good.

Just like a lot of the things we're going to do for you. Keeping you away from stressful meetings, no harmful sugar or caffeine in your diet. That kind of thing.

[!1.2]Muh, ha, ha, ha, ha!


I've never heard maniacal laughter from a robot before. It feels good to have brought something new and wonderful into the world.

Freefall 0344

Canine in the water


The ship feels empty without Florence. I actually miss her. But what can I do?

Wait a minute! Florence wouldn't have taken her credit cards with her. I can transfer money from her account to mine. People I owe lots of money to always manage to find me.

I'd best do this quietly. This is one of those good deeds I'm sure someone could easily misinterpret.

Freefall 0345

Canine in the water



Being in the water before a hurricane is like being stuck inside a giant washing machine.

But I should be okay. I got out before the spin cycle started.

Freefall 0346

Canine in the water


Things didn't work out like I had hoped, but I think I did the right thing. I'll be able to return to Sam and Helix proudly.

Or, I can slip in the mud, lose my pants, and hope to limp back to the spaceport without a single shred of dignity.

Freefall 0347

Canine in the water


Sigh. Legs are still numb from being in the water. Okay, let's see if I've hurt anything, get my pants back, and find some shelter.

Suddenly, getting my pants back has just become a very low priority.

Freefall 0348

Canine in the water


No need to panic. Fold the shirt up to make a compress and apply direct pressure to the wound.

This island is just a thin layer of mud over sharp rocks. That must be how I cut myself.

I'd ask what else could go wrong, but I think I've got quite enough happening as it is, thank you.

Freefall 0349

Canine in the water


We had two fall back positions if we couldn't make it to the spaceport. I should be close to a medical center.

Of course, the way my luck has been going, it will be run by a mad doctor and I'll wake up with two heads.

I haven't checked recently, but I'm pretty sure my insurance doesn't cover that.

В 1954-1959 гг. Владимир Петрович Демихов, основоположник трансплантологии, в процессе дополнительных экспериментов по поддержанию жизни к телу одной собаки прикрепил голову другой. Обе гОловы проявляли признаки жизни после завершения операции.(Tambov)

Freefall 0350

Canine in the water


While I'd be happy at this point to see a mad doctor, what I really need is someone who knows canine physiology.

The rain is knocking all the scents out of the air. I'm operating in a dimension of sight. A dimension of sound. There's a signpost up ahead.



Wonderful. My next stop? The Twilight Zone.


Mad – бешеный, сумасшедший, ненормальный. Ветеринара звать Винстон Турмад
В оригинальном тексте Twilight zone – фраза, ставшая идиомой, означающая ситуацию, полную неизвестности и неопределённости, порой мистическую. Вероятнее всего происходит от “The Twilight Zone” – названия довольно длинного сериала, который был в последствии несколько раз переснят и даже появился полнометражный фильм по этому сериалу. Первоначальное же значение twilight zone – терминатор, граница на поверхности планеты на стыке дня и ночи

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