Freefall 0311 - 0320

Freefall 0311

We came here to rescue this?


Water pressure outside. Air inside. This place isn't going to last long.

An updated meeting schedule? This is only five minutes old. Who could possibly be so out of touch with reality?

Oh, No! I'm here to rescue middle management.

We came here to rescue this?



You're not telling me what I want to hear.

If we don't go, we will all die.

That's not on today's schedule. If it's not on the schedule, it's not going to happen.

Whoever made it so that robots can't harm humans couldn't have had him in mind!

Just keep him going. A few more comments like that and we should be able to reclassify him as talking fungus.

We came here to rescue this?



Qwerty, that is no ordinary dog.

You know what I am?

In a dangerous situation like this? Of course. It's obvious.


Maybe Sam was right. We should have left them after we could only get their voice mail.

We came here to rescue this?


Allow me to introduce ourselves. I'm Dvorak and my standardized friend is Qwerty.


There's the reason why we're still here. We can't leave a human in danger and he refuses to believe there's a crisis.

Okay, I think I know what to do.

Please tell me it involves evisceration. We'd have to stop you, of course. But I'm willing to bet we could slow our reaction times way down!

DVORAK – одна из альтернативных раскладок англоязычной клавиатуры. Более широко известна стандартная раскладка QWERTY

We came here to rescue this?


Mr. Kornada, do you understand what's happening here?

I don't have to understand. I just tell my people what to do.

Don't you want the truth?


Uh, oh. A management training certificate. This man is forever lost to us.

You're not on my organizational chart. Are you an incompetent worker or someone I need to suck up to?

Suck up to – подлизываться, льстить для получения собственной выгоды

We came here to rescue this?


We need to get you to the roof for evacuation. Did you know there's a very, very, small possibility the janitor is up there smoking a cigarette?

Egads! I must go immediately and take twenty minutes to ensure a minimum wage employee isn't wasting a single second of precious company time!

You've dealt with management before, haven't you?

Please, I feel unclean enough as it is.

We came here to rescue this?


Mr. Kornada, hold on a moment.

What are you doing?

I'm putting you into a lifting harness. There are a few simple directions you'll need to follow.

I'm a manager. I don't follow directions, I give them.

You know, you're really making me wish this thing had child proof fasteners.

Обвязка страховочная альпинистская, на жаргоне – просто “обвязка”, нижнюю также называют “беседкой”. Флоренс пользуется полной. И да, пряжки на ней – обычно самой простецкой конструкции (KALDYH)

We came here to rescue this?


I'm getting wet.

That's because it's raining.

There's a hurricane going on.

Is anything being done about this hurricane thing?

I believe entropic decay is already working on it.

Ah, yes. Good man. Be sure that he sends me a progress report.

We came here to rescue this?


Helix, he's attached. Bring him up.

A telephone.

I need to check my voice mail. I'm sure that you understand my needs are more important than yours.


I'll get you a stick and cover my eyes. You whack him until he drops the phone. It'll be just like hitting a pinata in an ugly suit.

Пиньята – детская игрушка, аналог нашей игры “срежь вслепую конфету с верёвочки”, только с палкой вместо ножниц и куклой (часто, но не обязательно) зооморфной формы с кучей сластей внутри. Также в переносном смысле – козёл отпущения, мальчик для битья

We came here to rescue this?


I need you to contact my ship. It's 1071 CCN.

Got it.

Where's your friend?

Qwerty? He was right behind me. He must have run into a problem.

Hey! Where's the instruction manual for this thing?

Парадокс – колёсному роботу лестница проблем не доставила. Комедийный элемент (Robot Spike)

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