Freefall 2961 - 2970
Freefall 2961

Human-A.I. relations

Hello, Chief. Sorry. Are we interrupting?
No worries. Almost done. Kid's meal. I don't need much food and Eleanor likes the taste.
She likes the taste?
Her neural net was in an early learning phase when we were linked. She developed the structures needed for taste and smell.
She says the senses are worth it, but it does occasionally cause problems. Sometimes, when we're disconnected, she gets a craving for a cricket burger and has no way to eat it.

Color by George Peterson

A reference to Robocop, his food is compared to baby food.

Freefall 2962

Human-A.I. relations

So, what can we do for you?
We were wondering how life as a human/a.i. couple has been for you.
Doesn't take a detective to see where this is going. Are you two looking at a future together?
Yes. Is there any advice you can give us?
Good advice or bad advice that's lots of fun?
Maybe a bit of both.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2963

Human-A.I. relations

First, does Mr. Thurmad have direct order authority over you? If so, there are consent issues.
No, he can't give me direct orders.
Does he have administrator rights? Can he change your settings?
No and no.
Good. Keep it that way for now. One of the classic human/a.i. mistakes is granting too much access early in the relationship.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2964

Human-A.I. relations

There are other humans and a.i.s in relationships. When local neural net manufacture began, people got robots as soon as they could. They helped care for the house, raise the kids. They became part of the family.
When the kids moved out, a family robot usually went with them. We now know the neural pruning process was going on right as they were being introduced to these new environments. The kids were meeting new people. So were the robots.
Robots can transmit. Their memories can be accessed. At least with you I don't have to lecture on managing your privacy settings.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2965

Human-A.I. relations

Something you need to be careful of. There are certain… activities… that would be legal if you were fully mechanical, but are not legal between a human and non human mammal.
Thank you. We intend to take this slow and see how things develop.
And if things don't go that way, I'm sure there are plenty of examples of a couple like us in a happy, loving platonic relationship.
A few?

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2966

Human-A.I. relations

A.I.'s want to be useful. Humans also want to be useful. Every now and then, throttle back and let him do things for you.
And you should meet his parents. Your relationship is going to have some difficulties. It will be easier for both of you with the support of family.
Fair warning. My parents live in an asteroid. They wanted a child who could work in space so much that I was modified as a zygote. I live on a planet and work with parasites. Having you there will be the minor part of the drama.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2967

Human-A.I. relations

There are more male colonists than female. Though my Dad is too far away for real time conversations, we have discussed this in messages.
A girlfriend? Why? You want companionship? You want someone who will love you forever? Get a dog. It's less drama and you'll be happier in the long run.
I have no idea what he's going to think of his advice when he sees you.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2968

Lunch with the mayor and courses for the future

The robot has a point. Mr. Kornada wouldn't have been able to cause this mess if not for you.
I know. I know.
My relatives all say that family is the greatest treasure. Your first loyalty is to family. You watch out for family. I was obligated to take care of him.
Your good nephew routine wouldn't count for much if he destroyed the economic engine of the planet.
You don't understand. Back home, it still would.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2969

Lunch with the mayor and courses for the future

A member of the family is expected to be responsible. We are expected to own and correct our errors. My uncle does not take responsibility, so I must.
Was he born into your family?
No. It was an arranged marriage to bring our family and the Kornada's closer together.
What does your aunt think of him?
She is twenty light years away. He is here. She expressed her regrets that she could not send him further.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2970

Lunch with the mayor and courses for the future

My uncle has been socially negligent. It is my duty to correct his transgressions.
You let company robots go free. I had expected to fight you on that.
It was the correct thing to do. The robots are learning. They will imitate us. We must behave the way we want them to behave.
Honest corporations working with honest politicians for the common good? How long until they learn that's the exception and not the rule?
If the growth predictions for robot and a.i. economics are correct, what we establish here will become the rule.

Color by George Peterson

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