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Freefall 2793

What Sam wants

If robots are looking for humans, there are other star systems.
We need to be careful with that. Suppose the humans are having a war? Do we sit with folded hands while humans hurt each other?
We could set up cities and countries here. Different strategies. Reinforced learning. We can learn to govern to the point where wars can be minimized and offer that knowledge to the humans.
Sort of like AlphaGo. Different versions played against itself to improve its game.
It might even be easier. Most human politicians are not playing at the grand master level.

AlphaGo – game software Go. From 9 to 15 March 2016 there was an Match AlphaGo(nbsp)-Li Sedol AlphaGo with Li Sedol (professional, 9th Dan). An event similar to a game of Deep Blue with Garry Kasparov, but Go is considered more difficult than chess.

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