Freefall 2631 - 2640 (H)
Freefall 2631

Doctor M consults with Doctor B

One last question. Each neural net is different. You can back up the memories, but not the individual. Why did you make it so robots die?
I don't know how to program a stable immortal.
I was expecting something more philosophical.
Philosophy? Okay. Clint Eastwood. A chimp's got to know his limitations.
And that's a wrap. Good night, Doctor Bowman.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2632

Doctor M consults with Doctor B

Human directed artificial consciousness. I should have figured out what Doctor Bowman was up to years ago.
The tools he makes are incredibly useful and incredibly dangerous.
And in typical Doctor Bowman fashion, he leaves it up to us to decide which one.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2633

Out of control group

Did you sign the non-disclosure agreement?
I can't. I'm not legally a person. I wouldn't suffer from breaking this, my owner would.
No, he wouldn't. The person legally responsible for you is your captain, Sam Starfall.
Well, that presents an entirely different problem. If Sam knows about the punishments involved in this contract, he's going to want to collect them all.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2634

Out of control group

Legally, your signature isn't binding. Considering the other option is a memory wipe, you can claim that you signed under duress, which makes the whole thing invalid.
This is only to set the rules and conditions for non-disclosure, with my order sealing it in. It can't be used to prosecute anyone.
Then I have no problem signing.
Good. I've never done a memory wipe. I'd have to do a whole lot of reading. This saves us both a major headache.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2635

Out of control group

That's it. No further orders. I would like you to contact me once a month and let me know how things are going.
No further orders? I'm not complaining, but why?
We need to know if free A.I.s can operate in our society. Fast, because we went off a cliff and need to build our wings on the way down. I'm going to do this with other A.I.s. Not only to see how you react. It's also to see how humans react to A.I.s they can't order around.
In short, you need a control group that's out of control.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2636

Out of control group

Anything else? If not, we'll call Mr. Raibert and get you out of here.
Doctor Bowman didn't seem concerned when I told him the robots were almost destroyed.
That's because you stopped it. It was a non-event. He doesn't concern himself with things that might have happened but didn't.
Don't let it bug you. It's how Doctor Bowman is. Just think of it as the mental equivalent of the uncanny valley.

Color by George Peterson

uncanny valley

Freefall 2637

Hang on, There's someone at the door

Man. I dreamed there was an apocalypse and I was the only person left in the world.
No phones or knocks on the door. No one expecting me to solve their problems. It's depressing to be woken in the middle of a nice dream.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2638

Hang on, There's someone at the door

House, who is it?
Doctor Mer is on the phone. The police chief is at the door.
Police chief first. People on the phone don't break through doors.
Though they do break through firewalls. All things considered, it's cheaper to replace a broken door.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2639

Hang on, There's someone at the door

Mr. Raibert will be with you shortly. May I entertain you while you wait? I can play music or video. If you do not wish to wait, I can record a message.
I also contain predictive algorithms based on Mr. Raibert's previous behavior and I may be able to assist you directly.
I'm here with a genetically engineered talking wolf and I would like permission to get it off my secret arctic base without a brain wipe.
There are no predictive algorithms to cover that scenario.
Didn't think so.

Color by George Peterson

Reibert's home AI has an interface like GERTY from the movie Luna 2112

Freefall 2640

Hang on, There's someone at the door

Chief. Good timing. Doctor Mer is on the phone. We might be able to get your wolf back.
Doctor Mer. Yes. I met him back when Eleanor and I were first getting together.
You referred to your exoskeleton by name. Is it giving you any problems?
None at all. We're both individuals and when the neural link is active, we're a better individual. It's like being two halves a whole.
So no problems, though I will admit there are some separation issues.

Color by George Peterson

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