Freefall 3641 - 3650 (D)
Freefall 3641

Niomi passes the entrance courses

What's the
story with the reactor?
We contacted the bomb factory. They can build a new reactor. It will be expensive.
Sam went to talk to the station manager. If Sam gets paid, we can use that money for the reactor. If not, I have some credit with the robots that
we can use.
If Sam gets paid, what makes you think you can get the money out of his hands?
He does have a sense of honor. Sam also knows it's not wise to steal from the people who are putting a high energy nuclear device inside your ship.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3642

Niomi passes the entrance courses

Welcome to my humble home away from home.
Nice. It's bigger than I expected.
I can get different furniture. A lot of it is inflatable.
This sofa contains 120 minutes of breathable air.
And your airplane seat is a floatation device. Information that is pertinent, practical, and effectively useless in a real emergency.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3643

Niomi passes the entrance courses

Something to drink?
Water, thank you.
A bowl?
I was with you in a small ship for three weeks. We both know it's easier for you.
Besides, after a hard night of drinking, humans prefer bowls, too. They're found in the bathroom and we look a lot less dignified using it than you do using yours.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3644

Niomi passes the entrance courses

Did you know there are no robots in the maintenance shop? It's union and they want the robots to be paid the same as everybody else.
Progressive of them.
It's not progressive. They know management won't bring in robots if they have to pay them as much as humans. It's a barrier to keep the robots out.
Of course, if they were to hire a robot without anyone knowing it's a robot, that could bring the barrier down. You're technically an artificial intelligence, right?
Sam keeps trying to draw me into his schemes. Do I need to worry about you as well?

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3645

Niomi passes the entrance courses

You should apply to the maintenance shop. They still need people. It will be fun.
You'll get to see all the big equipment they have here and I'll show you a few tricks and techniques that I've learned over the years.
Do any of these tricks and techniques involve NOT using a hammer?
Of course. I am perfectly capable of using other tools after the hammer doesn't work.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3646

Niomi passes the entrance courses

I'm here so I can get to know Winston's parents. I need to make a good impression.
Helping in the maintenance shop shows you're a hard worker. That's a good impression.
You'll earn extra money, you'll help get more robots hired and you'll learn what technicians go through in the field so you can design equipment that's easy to work on.
Nice speech.
Thank you. I'm practicing for when my daughter becomes an adult and I need to get her employed and out of the house.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3647

Niomi passes the entrance courses

Will you help in the maintenance shop?
I'll consider it. No promises.
Did you want something to eat?
No, thank you. I'll be cooking for Winston's family tonight. They played it safe when they cooked for me. Appreciated, but the food was kind of bland.
Don't cook the meal you made on the ship. That one really didn't work.
It was a learning experience. We learned with that particular recipe, cricket can not be substituted for beef.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3648

Niomi passes the entrance courses

Niomi has a point. I'll keep
tonight's meal simple. Humans
have different tastes than I do.
I find it amazing there are humans who don't like liver. Humans and dogs used to
enjoy aged meat together.
Now humans want
everything to be fresh.
I'm a pretty good cook. People
usually like my food. Though I
will admit, the demand for canine
fusion cuisine just isn't there.

Color by George Peterson
Fusion cuisine - in short, a mixture of culinary cultures.

Freefall 3649

Gregor returns home

I have returned. Ms. Ambrose will join us shortly. She desired to socialize with a friend.
Welcome back. How did she perform? Were there any behavioral abnormalities or malfunctions?
The reactor she hoped to salvage was nonfunctional. Her response to this was unusual.
She sealed the compartment, consulted with her captain and found an alternative method of obtaining a reactor.
Encounters hardship and concentrates on solving the problem rather than complaining or blaming others? That is nonhuman.

Color by George Peterson.

Freefall 3650

Gregor returns home

Is Winston here?
He went to look at the hydroponics. We can talk without the kids overhearing.
Are you still disturbed our son is romancing a genetically engineered puppy dog?
I am.
If it's her appearance, I could give her a mustache like mine. A simple biofilter that blocks estrogen in a local area and only lets testosterone through.
I am fairly certain wolf mustaches don't work that way.

Color by George Peterson.

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