Freefall 2843

Interviews and interrogations

Uncle, one of the early crises happened when machine learning and big data were put in the service of making big money.
Wealth concentrated among the people who had access to the machines. Far too many people were left out of the system they were expected to serve.
It's okay to have steak when there's a chicken in every pot. But if you're eating steak and the majority of people have nothing, it doesn't take long for you to look like a chicken.

Дельные вещи говорит юноша. Правда, они весьма похожи на теорию марксизма (Robot Spike)
A chicken in every pot означает всеобщее благо и процветание. Это часть слогана президентской компанииГерберта Гувера 31-го президента США. А своими корнями фраза уходит к Генриху IV.

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