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Freefall 2586

Now I really feel contaminated

Ah. That's how Doctor Bowman is doing it. See that shadow outside the shower?
Not really. I mean, I see it, and… I don't see it.
Guys, come on out. Maintenance bots carrying panels covered with Vantablack. We'll need to program our cameras to look for especially dark areas as well as patterns.
And I shouldn't have disturbed them. Now they're going to be running all over the decontamination area.
He must have run out of panels. That one is carrying a lamp shade.

Color by George Peterson

Wordplay: panel – a set of comic strip frames; lampshading – a way of presenting a situation that is equally unbelievable to the audience and the characters.
Vantablack – the blackest known material, consists of carbon nanotubes clustered perpendicular to the surface of the plate. Normally, we see reflected light from any object, but Vantablack reflects virtually no light, so it's perceived by humans as a frightening emptiness, and without the frame it would be virtually invisible to machine vision. Recently, Vantablack 2 has appeared, even blacker.

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