Nerf Now!! 1651 - 1660
Nerf Now!! 1651

Where is the patch icefraud?

Traditionally, big Valve patches come on thursday and they hotfix it on friday but since this is just a balance patch instead of new mechanics or heroes I guess it won't break Source 2, or made it more buggy than it already is.

I can totally see the Frog of Ice gigling at his chair knowing people would flip out when the patch was not released on today.

Nerf Now!! 1652

All in all, I think this patch didn't broke any hero except Techies, which I think was on purpose.

Storm is worst, but given how broken he was he is now more on part with other heroes.

Lina lost a bit of solo one-shot capacity but she can still wreck face.

Gyro… ok.I think Gyro may be garbage now. His ultimate won't pierce BKB anymore and Rocket Barrage got yet another nerf. What's the point of the hero now?I think he is an case of hero nerfed because pros pick him, not because he was op. Same reason Batrider was overnerfed.

Shadow Fiend untoched. Expect to see lots of Shadow Fiend in the future because why not? The hero works.

Lifestealer got a bizarre «can infest ancients» ultimate which looks cute but don't solve his «I'll kite you forever» problem.

Bounty Hunter got a change which I think I'll cause lots of people to fall into baits. I think the biggest issue he can't give high ground vision during a siege by marking a single person before the fight starts.

Expect to see lots of Chaos Knight highlight videos with him one-shotting anything with a bolt + rift + phantasm combo.

To close, mandatory Dark Serr nerf. I should make a strip about this one day…

tl;dr – Good patch.

Nerf Now!! 1653

Perhaps Icefrog and his tester think Shadow Demon is viable, and maybe he is, at least theorically, but nobody plays him.

Yeah, he can purge and slow people thru magic immunity on late game. WAOW!

I think if his kit is just too unrewarding to use. No burst, no flash farming, no escape machanism, squishy. Soul Catcher is nice, but a creep nearby can mess up with it and you need LOTS of damage on your side to make up for the fact Shadow Demon himself will not be doing much.

Doesn't help his disable is not easy to use and can mess up a gank as easily as it can help making it.

I'm unsure if the 0.25 cooldown reduction (from 2.75 to 2.5) on Shadow Poison will solve his problem.

Meanwhile, a hero who is picked a lot like Undying get a super sweet Scepter buff.

The frog works in mysteirous ways..

Nerf Now!! 1654

Sorry for the late update, art is hard, etc, etc.

Almost made him another tentacle guy but didn't want people to think he is related to TentaJo.

Nerf Now!! 1655

Looks like Fallout 4 is right around the corner… given how ambitious the game looks is and how buggy some of the previous Fallout games were, well…

I expect a very fun launch, one way or another.

Assault Android Cactus looks like a fun game. A fun idea with good execution. I wish more games were like that.

Nerf Now!! 1656

Working with art in the internet I end up knowing more about copyright law than I ever wished.

One of the biggest caveats is, while some images have public copyright licenses which may not allow modifications or use in commercial works. It's very easy to get used to use goggle images for your school work and keep the habit when you start working.

The commercial part is specially complicated and to play safe I prefer to err in the side of caution when using stuff on Nerf NOW!! This means paying for my fonts, my softwares and images when appliable. This is specially complicated when working with other people IPs because there is just so much the parody clause can cover and one of the reasons I don't like to go too deep into any IP.

The background in the image is public domain (CC0) thus free to use, modify and publish even in commercial works.

However, in the comic itself, the image would be a stock photo copyrighted image and would not be free to use.

Nerf Now!! 1658

Slowly but surely, my work is piling up. Friday update is happening on Saturday and I'm still one pic behind on Patreon.

So much to do, so little me and thus, this rant will be cut short.

Oh, and after I reached Legend on Hearthstone I decided to make a fun Avianna Druid deck with no combo and… I'm winning with it. Best part it's very good versus Control Warrior and Freeze Mage, 2 decks which I hate losing to.

Nerf Now!! 1659

Don't mind Morgan low resolution, she is still learning.

Lots of people talking about Undertale, but I admi tthe art style kind turned me off.

Nerf Now!! 1660

Cryptark is a new game which I'm interest but Early Access means I won't bother with it until it's officially launched.

It's not I think the game will flop or not be delivered, but Early Access games are obviously unfinished and playing half of a campaign and waiting 6 months or more to finish it is a big gaming blue balls.

There is also balance issues. When I played Mercenary Kings many of my favorite weapon combos got heavily nerfed so when the final version was released I always felt I was playing a worst version. Had I never played it before I would probably be happier with ther version I had.

I'll very probably buy it but I think even if I got it for free I would not play it unless the game was very close to completion.

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