Nerf Now!! 1581 - 1590
Nerf Now!! 1581

If someone want to buy the Collector's Edition of Fallout 4 to get the Pip-Boy replica, I sure hope they are doing it to have a cool piece of plastic and not to wear it around. This thing looks uncomfortable!

But as far as Collector's Edition go, it's a cool one. I see it as someone who get a Master Chief helmet replica, just a nice thing to rest on the desk as opposite of a headwear to protect you from alien blasts.

I could say the CE is expensive, but it's on par with other Collector's Editions and at least you get a «gadget». Perfect for your next Vault Dwealler cosplay.

Nerf Now!! 1582

27,5% of all I want with Nerf NOW!! goes to taxes.

Don't worry, I'm not struggling or anything, but it's still 1/4 of all I earn and it sucks.

Nerf Now!! 1583

Some people been complaining about the protagonist of Fallout 4 having a voice breaks immersion and here is my 2 cent on it.

If your character isn't voice, but the NPCs are, the dialogue flows weird with one side constantly chatting and the other one in complete silence. It just doesn't flow well.

Of course, we can remove voice from ALL characters but I don't think people would accept this at this day and age. I could, but I'm old school and honestly, some of the best characters in modern games had superb voice acting.

So giving the character a voice works the best in my opinion. I never felt Shepard was less «me» because he did not sound exactly like me.

Of course, I know some people been complaining not about the whole voice thing, but about having the story been less open in Fallout 4 to give it a better narrative, but this is the topic for another rant…

Nerf Now!! 1584

Fallout 4 will be less open ended if what the devs said are true and for me it's a good thing. Open ended, sandbox-y type of games. I like tight, focused narrative and have no time or interest in roaming maps looking for random loot.

People praise stuff like being able to nuke Megaton but honestly, it's not a big deal. It's a starting city with no relevance in the later game. The fact you can destroy it without bigger repercusions show how little my actions impact the game.

I totally see the appeal of those kind of games, but they are just not for me. I feel sorry for old Fallout 3 fans which enjoyed the old gameplay but for me, this change, together with the voice lines, may make me a fan of Fallout again.

Nerf Now!! 1585

Looks like the comics world been rife with changes lately. Female Thor, Armored Batman, Black Spider Man, Nerfed Superman…

None of those changes is bad in itself and sometimes you need to shake up things a little, but with so many changes over the years I start to not recognize the comics anymore.

I feel at this point most of the comic icons are just a superpower and uniform. I could turn Angie in the new Batman equiped with Bat-Sentries protecting the control points of Gotham City while being chased by SpyJoker.

This kind of stuff used to be a «What If» or «Elseworlds» scenery but lately it's «canon» on the «main» timeline.

Stuff like that is why I stopped reading cape comics. While the status quo never changes, re-do the same plot over and over with different actors wearing the same costume. There is so much you can re-use a character.

Who knows, maybe in 5 years the Joker will take the bat mantle after Bruce goes missing, fighting crime with his humor and madness.

I really should make the Bat Angie story though…

Nerf Now!! 1586

Some people been confused by the rant below the comic not being sometimes related to the comic at all and this surprised me. There is no reason my rant needs to be related to the comic at all (or even the need for me to rant anyway)

Imagine if I make a strip about TF2, what is left to talk about it? Yep, more hats, yep, no new update, yep, Dustbowl still have billions of sentries.

But to people who are confused by the rant thing, this is my formal warning the rants are not always related to the comic at hand, specially if there is big news around, like E3, or if the comic is about some game I've already covered a lot ,like TF2 or Dota.

This said, enjoy the comic.

Nerf Now!! 1588

Let me take this rant to talk about the combat system of Witcher 2.

Witcher 2 has a big glaring flaw which is, you combat kit starts very gimped. Until you put skill points on it, you can't riposte, parrying is not very effective and your dodge roll sucks. Melee combat is hard when it works, and punishing when it fails.

On the other side, Magic combat works from the get go. Spamming Igni may be slow and cumbersome, but it's safe and it works, and raising your Vigor (think Mana) make it expotentially better and again, it's safe. Most of the enemies in the game are melee so burning your fireballs and running in circles is probably part of the Witcher training lessons.

So while the Sword tree MAY be better later, the game fails in showing it. It starts weak with no way to know it will get better. The game would benefit a LOT if you started with Riposte and Improved Dodge to make the melee combat be minimally useful at the start.

Which is a pity, because the melee combat looks like it may be fun, and spamming Igni hardly feel heroic or interesting.

3 Moon Runes op.

Nerf Now!! 1589

Three new maps! Balance changes! Weapons skins!

The Gaben giveth!

Mini-Sentry nerfed!!

The Gaben taketh away…

Nerf Now!! 1590

If you are looking for the big winner of this patch, don't look too much, Heavy got it.

To start, as one of the few classes to receive no nerf, he already jump ahead of the patch. One of his strongest counter, Loch and Load demoman with good aim, just got hit hard, and while the weapon is still viable versus Heavies, I don't expect it to be used as much now it doesn't do extra damage.

But the juiciest part is Brass Beast and Natasha 20% «armor». While Brass Beast is still unusable as ever, you are basically trading 20% damage on Natasha for extra 20% HP, sounds pretty fair, until you notice this 20% turn into far more when a medic overheal you. A full healed Heavy now have essentially 540 HP if he is full overhealed and spinning. Good luck killing him.

And as a bonus, he don't die to a full charged headshot anymore, a very common event if you were pushing the cart with your minigun down.

Now, more than ever, killing the Medic is priority one to any team, otherwise I can see a single Heavy+Medic combo mow down the whole enemy team.

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