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Nerf Now!! 1591

I'll give an example of how easy is to jump on conclusions based solely on patch notes.

When I read Natasha got 20% armor when spun up I instantly assumed waves of Natasha heavies would march upon the battlefield, obliterating everything in a wave of boolet.

However, here is what happen.. the armor effect only happen IF your gun is firing (or totally spun up) so on that first crucial second you are taking all those rockets and grenades without extra protection, when the armor finally kicks in you don't have much health left to play with anyway.

And since Natasha takes more time to spin you can't jump into a corner and start firing.. if there are few enemies they'll just run away before you kill anyone.. if there are too many they'll kill you before you kill them.

Nat does 25% less damage, and you do less damage on the first second of firing AND the gun takes a while to spin up so basically, forget killing anyone when you jump unless you really got them by surprise at point blank.

I can see the weapon working on some situations, just don't expect to get many rampage with it.

On the other side, the weapon I though was completely useless, the Brass Beast, can pose a serious threat now with a «slow and steady» advance. Depends of how well you know the map and how good you are with the shotgun until you find a good spot to deploy the big guns.

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