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Nerf Now!! 2761

I didn't expect to enjoy Space Engineers because sandbox games lose their luster pretty fast for me, mostly because they lack content and more often rough around the edges. Space Engineers is a mix of Kerbal Space Program but using blocks, like Minecraft.

The biggest issue of Space Engineers is learning how shit works. It's not extremely complicated but there are lots to learn and there is physics on top of that. Did you know you need a gyroscope to better control your ship? I didn't! Neither I knew I need not only energy to turn on stuff but enough output to make bigger stuff runs.

However, after you learn how stuff works it's pretty easy. Easier than doing stuff with Redstone on Minecraft for SURE and if you managed to master the «Earth» game you can try it again in space. Hell, building your first rocket to escape the planet is a fun challenge in itself. Angie approves.

My thoughts and prayers go for the Last Of Us fans thought I'd love to see a common person reaction to the game.

Honestly, I'd rather have the keychain, mine is a miniature Eiffel Tower which has way too many pointy parts.

Comic aside, from what I can feel cheating is on an all-time high on games right now. As far as I know, the best paid cheats out there work, or at least work long enough for people to keep using them.

So the options now are either more heavy handed anti-cheat solutions or accept you'll meet hackers on your game. Personally, it's a necessary evil I'd be willing to accept… assuming I had some degree of trust on the company releasing it.

I don't exactly trust Riot and it's mommy Tencent to handle a software who scans my computer. If was a different company, perhaps, but not Riot.

The solution for me at least is just to avoid those kind of games, specially if it's Free 2 Play. I think CS:GO got the best solution with their prime service or whatever is called. When you add a cost to losing your account less players will risk it.

I don't see myself losing much time on the genital configuration. I expect this to be relevant at some point in the game with some shot of my character naked but from what I see it's a very minor detail.

Anything in development cost time and surely something else was kept out so people could make foot long dongs. Hope it will be worth it.

Everybody playing Animal Crossing or Minecraft and little me trying to make a Enterprise-sized spaceship which can somehow land on a planet…

Still playing Space Engineer, not much else to say.

Gonna try to read Batman White Knight and see how it goes. Kinda disappointed with cape comics but this one been well recommended so it's worth a try.

I heard GTA had cheating issues even with a price tag and now it's free on Epic I expect lots of people to try some cheats just to create some chaos.

I expect the overall quality of the game to drop but I feel Epic is just milking the last drops of that cow by now.

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