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Nerf Now!! 2763

I didn't expect to enjoy Space Engineers because sandbox games lose their luster pretty fast for me, mostly because they lack content and more often rough around the edges. Space Engineers is a mix of Kerbal Space Program but using blocks, like Minecraft.

The biggest issue of Space Engineers is learning how shit works. It's not extremely complicated but there are lots to learn and there is physics on top of that. Did you know you need a gyroscope to better control your ship? I didn't! Neither I knew I need not only energy to turn on stuff but enough output to make bigger stuff runs.

However, after you learn how stuff works it's pretty easy. Easier than doing stuff with Redstone on Minecraft for SURE and if you managed to master the «Earth» game you can try it again in space. Hell, building your first rocket to escape the planet is a fun challenge in itself. Angie approves.

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