Nerf Now!! 2645

Noita is a fun, but unfair and sometimes annoying game. It's a rogue-lite and has pixel-art so if you hate those things you won't like it.

The best way I can describe the combat is being a helicopter trying to fly a cavern full of enemies, which start weak but eventually grow into fearsome anti-air batteries and while your equipment gets insanely stronger, your health doesn't. All it takes is a couple of nice shots to send you down crashing.

Personal pet-peeve: the game features a limited «torch of light» field of view which limits how much you can see which really strain my eyes. I stopped playing it because I find myself unconsciously trying to «see» what was on the edge of the darkness.

My final opinion is, if you like Binding of Isaac and rogue-lites give it a try, but it's not a game for those who dislike «unfair» games and being blown to pieces in a blink of an eye.

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