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Nerf Now!! 1432

If you are starting at Hearthstone, has little to no card but still to try to win some, there is no better class than Hunter.

The basic cards are good, and the special power is the best at killing heroes. You always have a chance at winning with Hunter because you can always inflct 2 damage and pass your turn. It's crude but effective, and can get even some good decks by surprise with its sheer agression.

You can easily make a rushdown deck ignoring defense and most counters (I really suggest at least putting some Hunter Mark to kill blockers though) and just «go face» and hope you kill the enemy before he can drop his big fatties. Yes, it depends of luck but if you are starting you really don't want to drag the game and let the enemy drop his legendaries.

Now I play a bit Druid and Secret Mage on the side but Hunter is my go-to class if I just want some easy games.

Edit – Lots of people been saying Zoolock is easier to make at low levels and who I'm to disagree? I think if you are starting, pay 2 mana for 2 damage is straightfoward but I do agree the Hunter starting beasts are sub-par while Warlock have some nice cards like Valuewalker and the Imp.

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