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Freefall 2851 - 2860

Freefall 2851

Mr. Ishiguro. Welcome. The chief will see you in thirty seconds. Would you like some tea?
Thank you. How did you know I was coming?
Your car informed us you wanted to see the chief. We talked to the chief and found a time that fit both your schedules. Then your car brought you here.
I wanted to come here. Though looking back, I never actually asked my car to do it.
Very smooth. Very efficient. Minimum wasted time for both parties. Also a little bit unsettling.

Добавил ролик в качестве напоминания. Моя отсебятина (Robot Spike)

Mr. Ishiguro. You're here about Clippy.
I am. How is he?
Deactivated. We know he's carrying cyberweapons.
Just little ones.
Little as in spam killer, or little as in “can subvert a city network”?
A little bit bigger than the first. And also a little bit bigger than the second.
The weapons can be contained in a faraday cage. What I'm concerned about is Clippy might have orders to self destruct. I don't know how to isolate Clippy from his own weapons.
Is his memory encrypted?
Yes. He gets the key from our company server on boot up.
Which means he can't boot up if he's isolated in a faraday cage. Arrgh!
I'd be more concerned about your company security if you did find a way around it in thirty seconds.

Клетка Фарадея
Явная отсылка к недавнему спору ФБР и Эпл за право сохранения тайны переписки. Расшифровали нерасшифровываемое (Robot Spike)

If you give us access to your files, we can put an isolated server inside the faraday cage. That will allow Clippy to boot up.
I am going to bring in more help on this. You were his primary user. I would like you in the cage when he becomes conscious. Having you there should delay or prevent him from self destructing if he has orders to do so.
Aren't you afraid I'll tell him to delete files?
At this point, I am more concerned about saving a life than getting a conviction.
Ms. Ambrose. The chief would like to see you. Alone.
You're asking her to ditch her boss and go do something without letting me know?
These guys are looking out for you, Flo. They're teaching you valuable job skills in case you ever have to work for someone else.

По всей видимости, “этими ребятами” Сэм иронически называет себя и Хеликса. (KALDYH)
(Вот) такие ребята присматривают за тобой, Фло. Они научат тебя важным профессиональным навыкам на случай, если тебе когда-нибудь придется работать на кого другого (Fogel)

Ms. Ambrose. This is Mr. Ishiguro. He's told me Clippy may have a self destruct order. We need to save him.
Ms. Ambrose. Clippy kidnapped you. Is that going to affect your wanting to help us?
Mr. Ishiguro. Do you have any idea what it's like to have to operate under direct orders?
Have you ever met my mother?
Aren't you coming?
My human/machine interfaces present a large attack surface. I will be out here.
Ms. Ambrose. Clippy has been my trusted companion and confidante for many years. I would very much like you to do your absolute best in bringing him back.
You're fighting the urge to give me a direct order, aren't you?
Is it that obvious?

Не так уж и очевидно для псовых, как открыть зелено-красную капсулу (plBots)

This fabric feels very odd.
It's superconductive. It will stop most electronic communication.
To open the airlock, press the triangle button, turn the dial one turn clockwise, press the round button, the square button twice, then turn the dial three turns counterclockwise.
Why so many steps when the door has an obvious handle?
I suppose if we aren't the type to follow instructions, we aren't the type who should be allowed in there.

Не удивлюсь, если это какое-нибудь комбо из приставочных игр.
Выпуск в тему – Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures 0362

Mr. Ishiguro. Ms. Ambrose. Welcome! Is that the honeypot server?
The chief asked if I could help. His normal tech didn't feel comfortable around a suicidal robot full of cyberweapons.
He didn't want to stay and learn?
He went home to his personal E.M.P. bunker. He didn't want Clippy to be activated. He wanted Clippy burned to atomic ash, the ash sealed in yttrium barium copper oxide and then dropped into a liquid nitrogen sea. Oh, this is going to be exciting! Shall we start?

Оксид иттрия-бария-меди – высокотемпературный сверхпроводник (93K или -180°C).

While I don't anticipate any problems, humans are often excitable and I've found this can create difficulties in communication.
Screaming “Oh, my god! It has a chainsaw! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” in a high pitched voice is hard to decipher and unclear in intent.
Should a similar situation occur, clearly annunciate in a normal voice “We have lost control. Please activate the failsafes in order to prevent further loss of internal organs.” This will provide for faster response in the case of an emergency.
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