Freefall 0091 - 0100

Freefall 0091

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Ha! Florence and Helix thought I was nuts to go back after this nickel.

But despite being mad at me, I know they're going to drop the rope down to pull me out.

Yes, Sir. Any hour now.

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


How's the work going?

All done. Things went a lot smoother with you down the hole.

All part of being a great manager, Helix.

I know when to stay out of the way and let the people do the work.

Wow! I hope that someday I'm as smart as you are!

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Someone is driving up.

[!1.3]Ack! It's the police! DUCK!

Florence is just standing there. Why doesn't she run?

We'll need to teach her you're supposed to hide from the police.

You can do it. I'm still hurting from when I taught her to fetch.

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


They're talking, the policeman looks happy. Now he's leaving. Florence must have fed him quite a line.

She might even be better than you are, Sam.

No way, Helix. I am the greatest liar this world has ever seen.

When you say you're a liar, how do I know you're telling the truth?

You'll just have to trust me.

Иллюстрация логического эксперимента, который, как считается, должен зацикливать ИИ.

Умнее/тупее ли Хеликс, чем Арни? У Хеликса аппаратная нейросеть. Такие вопросы не должны ставить его в тупик.

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


The policeman? He was just checking our salvage permits. Everything was in order.

Permits? You mean taking all this stuff is legal?

Of course it's legal. We wouldn't be doing it otherwise.

Well, nuts. That kind of takes all the fun out of it.

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


It was a lot of hard work, but we got what we needed. For me, this trip was a complete success.

What hard work? You spent most of your time sitting down. Florence and I did all the hard work.

Like I said, Helix. For me, this trip was a complete success.

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Let's go. Where's Florence?

She went to get more tie downs.

This is good enough. Why does she want more tie downs?

Sam, she's seen you drive.

I found some fifty ton test cable. If we double it up, it should be strong enough.

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


We can go through the canyon on our way home.

If we go south, there's a bridge.

Ahhh, what fun is that?

Sam, let's take the bridge.


Uh, sure. Bridge! Sounds great!

Amazing what you can accomplish with a polite word and a smile.

© “Добрым словом и револьвером можно добиться гораздо большего, чем просто добрым словом” (Fogel)

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


You're looking tired, Flo. When was the last time you slept?

Back on the truck, first day of the trip.


You've been rubbing off on her, haven't you?


No way! I had that cheap paint job fixed months ago!

Inhuman endurance has awakened an inhuman conscience! (Robot Spike)

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


She's done everything she can to help us. Works until she drops. Never a word of complaint.


It's weird, Helix. I've never had anyone this dedicated to me before.


Hey, what about me?!

I mean someone smart enough to know better.

Oh. All right then.

Heh, the moment I started to really like this comic (Robot Spike)

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