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Freefall 3101 - 3110
Freefall 3101
[!1.7]Are you a genetically engineered wolf looking for a temporary reactor to transport to the asteroid belt? Try Kinetic Chemicals for all your spacefaring needs.
Even though this is exactly what I'm after, targeted ads this specific make me want to change the privacy settings on my browser.
Freefall 3102
Hello. Commnet recommended that I come here for a temporary reactor for our ship.
You came to the right place.
However, reactors are dangerous. There are some steps to go through before I can let you have one.
Will that take long?
Nah. You're an A.I., built to be safe. You'll fill out a questionnaire that takes about fifteen minutes. Now if you were human, the process would take a week.
Freefall 3103
You're in luck. Some robots have been discussing cyberforming one of the moons near the gas giant. They need a reactor for their advance base to do a feasibility study.
It's a proton boron reactor, so no neutrons activating surrounding materials. It does produce x-rays from bremsstrahlung during operation, though. The shield needs its own source of cooling.
I intend to follow all safety precautions.
Good. One of the less endearing properties of an energy source powerful enough to lift you out of a gravity well and compact enough to fit on a ship is that it does tend to kill people who aren't careful with it.

Протонно-борный цикл - один из возможных перспективных термоядерных циклов для реакторов будущих поколений. При реакции одного протона и одного ядра бора-11 образуются три альфа-частицы и больше ничего. Тяжёлые, легкоуловимые заряженные частицы в качестве продуктов реакции позволили бы создать реактор с прямым преобразованием энергии частиц в электричество без помощи тепловых машин. Недостаток этой реакции - она требует в 15 раз более высоких температур, чем наиболее простой в освоении дейтерий-тритиевый цикл. (KALDYH)

Freefall 3104
This is a polywell reactor. Since it's safe when shut down, you can move it dry. You'll need to fill the shield before operating. It takes thirty cubic meters of water.
Power connections here. Cooling connections on the other side. Basic control panel up front. I expect you will operate it remotely.
You can download the free app, though I recommend the pro version. Nothing is more annoying than having to click through pop up ads when you're doing an emergency reactor shutdown.

Поливелл. В отличие от токамака и стелларатора, слово пока не стало нарицательным.

Freefall 3105
Maintenance is easy. Each block can be individually isolated, drained and removed to allow access to the reactor.
All parts are off the shelf items. There are hundreds of these in operation and they're a very reliable design.
Though should the worst happen, lack of neutron activation makes clean up a breeze. You can soak up core coolant in everyday clothes using a bucket and a mop. Try doing that after any other type of reactor accident.
Freefall 3106
The reactor is larger than I expected, though it will still fit in our ship.
Great. We'll have you take the questionnaire. If you pass, we can work out the details.
[!1.3]Warning: Failure to answer all questions fully and honestly may result in human death or injury.
There are times when safeguards kick in so hard that I'm surprised there isn't an audible clunk from my head.
Freefall 3107
We have chairs.
Thanks. Fine here.
That line about keeping humans from harm has you completely focused, hasn't it.
Yes. Poor conversationalist right now. Apologies.
Next time, get the a.i. into a comfortable position before the safeguards engage.
Freefall 3108
Great. Let's take a look.
Uh, oh. You said you've tried marijuana.
Yes. Once in college.
It's considered drug use. Nuclear operators must be seen as having the highest standards of honesty and integrity. You need to lie on the questionnaire.
Freefall 3109
The questionnaire invokes safeguards. I can't lie on it.
Hmm. That is a problem. How did you take the marijuana?
It was in a peanut butter cookie. A friend used them to treat her epilepsy seizures. I didn't know it was in the cookie until afterwards.
So it was an accidental ingestion.
I'm a first generation proof of concept. I try not to take substances that might get my parent company thinking “Her brain went bad. Let's pop it out and see what failed.”

У меня серьезные сомнения, учитывая ее нюх… который она уже демонстрировала. Хотя, оговорка, что “не знала до последнего” интригует… Библиотечный Библиотекарь Библиотекович.

Freefall 3110
A positive answer on drug use can cause all kinds of problems if you ever need a security clearance.
I can't lie on the questionnaire. Literally. Safeguards.
There must be a way around this.
Got it! I've got it! Malicious compliance!
Is that where you get in trouble for not following directions and even more trouble if you do?
That's the one. Shall we begin?

Malicious compliance (злонамеренное согласие) - действие, при котором умышленно наносится вред путём точного следования всем инструкциям начальства, при знании, что их выполнение не приведёт к тому результату, на который начальство рассчитывает. Применение этого принципа на производстве при классовых противоречиях называется итальянская забастовка. (Mitrill)
И каждому двуногому прям любопытно, как это мохнатое существо работает. Впрочем, нам, зрителям, тоже (Robot Spike)

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