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Freefall 3061 - 3070
Freefall 3061
We are at the beginning of a massive social change. Organics and robots, living together.
People like me, we have to keep up with the times.
Which is why today we are going to incite and be chased by a robotic mob.
Is that needed? Human mobs are low tech, but they're still effective.
Freefall 3062

Now how do we incite a robotic mob to chase us?
Runaway chair! Collision probable! Humans in danger!
Perfect! Helix, follow my lead!
What's the difference between leadership and reckless idiocy?
It's leadership when it works.
Freefall 3063
Still only you. I was hoping for a bigger turn out of robots.
Unnecessary. Your speed, direction and acceleration are observed by me.
I have communicated to robots ahead. An intercept is in the planning stages.
That's disappointing to hear.
Human safety is our primary concern. Your safety is secondary.
That's even more disappointing to hear!
Freefall 3064
Please remain calm. We are in position to stop the chair.
Okay, I am having trouble with the remaining calm part of the plan.
Freefall 3065
VANDAL! You destroyed a valuable antique!
[!1.4]Happy New Year 2018
Freefall 3066
Please cling tenaciously to this bungee cord. It will prevent a sudden deceleration event that organic beings find unpleasant.
Success! Zero relative velocity!
At that point, you were supposed to let go of the cord.
Low Friction Plastic
Freefall 3067
You were supposed to let go of the bungee cord. Were you unable to predict what would happen?
What do you mean by that? My eyes don't use beams. They're passive light gatherers.
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Сэм цитирует Евангелие от Матфея 7:3-5.
В оригинале шутка строится на каламбуре: beam это и бревно, и луч света. Робот отвечает, что его глаза не испускают свет, а пассивно его улавливают.

Freefall 3068
Should I be concerned that you two seem practiced at this?
Freefall 3069
We're done, though it doesn't feel right to end a chase without ice cream.
I will accept ice cream. I can give it to a human.
Robots are discouraged from giving humans gifts directly. We are trying to prevent a midas plague. However, taking a gift from one organic to give to another is not yet discouraged.
He's found a loophole.
Artificial intelligence is getting sneaky. There's hope for you yet.

Midas plague - произведение из сборника Фредерика Пол Midas World, в котором роботы так продуктивно одаривали человечество, что пришлось ввести индивидуальные квоты на потребление минимального количества продукции. (Mitrill)

Freefall 3070
Our attempt at organizing a robot mob was an incomplete failure.
Hey! You're not supposed to give ice cream to humans!
I am regifting it. Sam purchased the ice cream for me for participating in a chase. It is permitted.
I want to regift ice cream to humans!
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