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Freefall 2671 - 2680
Freefall 2671
Are you upset with me because I'm not upset with you?
Well, yeah. You get mad at me, maybe tear off a body part (nothing that doesn't regrow), I apologize, we move past this. You don't get mad and it's going to linger.
Sam, this has been a very exhausting day. I'm not up to getting angry with you right now.
Can I take a rain check and be upset with you later?
That's all I ask.
Freefall 2672
Given the irregularities in your employment, do you wish to continue working for Sam?
It's because of me that Sam got tangled up in what's happening with the robots.
What can I say? I try to set a good example.
You are a trouble­maker.
And now, so is she. So why are you trying to split us up just when I'm starting to make progress?
Freefall 2673
I don't want to be a trouble­maker.
What? You want corrupt systems to continue? Go along to get along?
Well, No.
You want justice? You're a troublemaker.
Those two don't have to go together.
Ah, but they so often do.
Freefall 2674
Sam, with any new technology, there is an adjustment period. Some people will misuse it. Banks. Computers. Drones.
But it settles out. The vast majority of people are good people. We cooperate more than we compete. Our society works because we can trust each other. For the most part.
And what about those who aren't good, trustworthy people?
It is my hope that you can be aimed.
Freefall 2675
Most times, you and I aren't on the same side.
There are more sides out there than yours and mine.
What I'm proposing is that should you come across something interesting, you let me know. And should I come across something interesting that would fit your talents, I'll let you know.
Are you offering me a job?
You've committed crimes. Jailing you doesn't work. Think of this as community service.
Freefall 2676

Благородный жест Сэма

A friend of hers, Winston Thurmad, has been waiting at the police station all day. I'll have him meet us at the airport.
The situation with the robots is still unstable. Ms. Ambrose will be safest in police custody.
Back to the dog pound? Robots won't harm humans. She'd be safest with Winston.
That is not a bad idea.
Of course, I'd have to chaperone. It's a burden, but I'm willing to suffer free meals and lodging for the good of my crew.
Freefall 2677

Она вернулась

Wake up. We're home.
Which came first, self-driving cars or self flying planes?
Self-flying planes.
Your self-driving cars keep trying to hit me!
I'll make sure there's no code reuse. A desirable feature in a car may not be a desirable feature in a plane.

Хитро перевёрнутая логика. Если бы шеф беспокоился о Сэме, он бы сказал “желательное в самолёте (лететь прямо) – нежелательно в автомобиле (наезжать на всё подряд)”. А тут… даже не знаю, что он хочет сказать. Наверное, беспокоится о беспилотниках-камикадзе (Robot Spike)
Чего тут понимать? Желательное в автомобиле (раздавить этого гада, Сэма) – очень не желательно в самолёте, могут погибнуть пассажиры и окружающие, а не только атакованный Сэм (который стопудово увернётся) (Fogel)
Сэм – общественно полезный калмар. Зачем его убивать, его надо только слегка калечить (Silent Wrangler)

Freefall 2678
Freefall 2679
He waited all day at the police station in case there was news of you.
Aww. You didn't have to do that.
Mr. Thurmad. Our police force is mostly robotic. This may cause problems if Ms. Ambrose is kept in police custody. Could she stay at your house this night?
It was Sam's idea.
Remember that when you're more awake and angry.

Изо всех сил прикрывает *опу сковородкой. Поможет ли? (Robot Spike)
Скорее наоборот, он жаждет получить максимальный эффект, а не сонное тявканье (Fogel)

Freefall 2680
I can put Florence up for the night.
This isn't going to put Winston in danger, is it? Am I still evidence?
Winston will not be in danger. Sam can explain. If this is agreeable to everyone, I'll take Clippy to police lock up. Then I'll check on Mr. Raibert and make sure he's not still trying to work himself to death.
I also have to pick up Mr. Raibert's pizza. Toppings of hot peppers, sugar and ground coffee beans. Or as the pizza parlor called it, his regular.

Вздръжне пицца. (KALDYH)

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