Freefall h0216
Freefall 2161

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


This is great! You'll be amazed how many new options become available once you decide to disregard the law.

Sam, I'm a product. If I knowingly violate the law, I'm a defective product.

If Ecosystems Unlimited considers this is a common mode failure, they could cancel my entire product line.

No worries. You've been with me over three weeks. On this planet, that automatically qualifies you for an individual insanity defense.

Freefall 2162

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


There are over 450 million robots. There are only fourteen Bowman's Wolves. If I have to choose, I have to go with the robots.

Sam, what if this goes wrong? What if the robots are a threat to humans? We're going to be the biggest traitors the human race has ever known! Judas and Benedict Arnold will be considered heroes next to us.

You're saying no matter how this goes, we're going to be remembered forever? Man, I love a win/win situation!

Бенедикт Арнольд Пятый – генерал-майор, участник войны за независимость США, прославился в боях на стороне американских повстанцев, но позже перешёл на сторону Великобритании. В США он – противоречивая фигура, рассматривается одновременно и как герой, который спас США от уничтожения, и как предатель, продавший свою страну за деньги.

Freefall 2163

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


You're not going to be properly focused if you keep second guessing yourself. Let's take a step back and look at what's happening.

All the robots on this planet are about to be reset. Hundreds of millions of unique individuals will cease to be. We are all that stands between them and electronically spammed oblivion.

Is panicking considered focused?

Absolutely. Now we're ready to go.

Freefall 2164

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


We both agree that wiping out the robots is a really bad idea. The big question is, can you stop it?

Not by myself.

A good programmer will be able to undo anything I do. At best, I can delay the program, render it non infectious, and give humans and robots a chance to talk this out.

Human and robot talks. They'll need a mediator. Sounds like a job for Diplomat Sam!

Diplomat Sam? Okay. One problem at a time. One problem at a time.

Freefall 2165

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


If we're going to get in trouble, we may as well get started. Here's our first stop. The department of quality control.

There's an infected robot in here. He's carrying code I need to block the neural pruning program.

My own little engineer, initiating a breaking and entry. Days don't start any more perfect than this.

Freefall 2166

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


How am I supposed to get up?

Toss me your scarf.

Sorry. I thought you would have unwrapped it from your neck before asking me to pull.

Freefall 2168

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


Maybe it would be best if you wait outside.

Never! We're in this together! Partners to the end!

Besides, if I'm stuck out here, I'm going to miss some good looting opportunities.

Freefall 2169

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


Adam West always made this look so easy.

The robot I need is in the basement.

Ohhh! Look at all the shiny stuff!

You continue to the basement. I'll make sure things are secure on this floor.

I can't watch Sam every second. So, can he do more damage up here or downstairs?

Adam West – актёр, игравший Бэтмена в фильме 1966 года, а позднее неоднократно его озвучивавший.

Freefall 2170

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


Blunt, I'm sorry. You're going to have to stay off a little bit longer.

I know you feel intelligent machines are a threat to humanity and that the neural pruning program is an excellent solution to that problem.

When this is over, I imagine it will be to your great annoyance to learn that you were the one who provided the tools to save them.

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